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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Writing Letters

So, we have a list full of requirements for our future husband (if not, click here to see the post for ideas: A List of Requirements ). Another idea for while we are waiting is writing him letters. Hand written letters. Letters that mean something to you, and if he loves you, they will mean something to him.

Here is an example:

My Dear Knight, (I don't know his name yet so I didn't put "My dear _______.")

It is lonely sometimes waiting for you, but I know I don't wait in vain. When you come I will know it was worth all that waiting! I only hope that I shall serve The King while waiting and not drown in my self-pity. I hope that you are serving The King at this time, for I know if we do not we will regret it later.

Your Princess,

Catherine (your name would go in your own letter).

Your letter should differ from the example (or you can copy it and add your own words too), but this is just to get it started. I would recommend you put the date of when you wrote the letter some where on the piece of paper. Don't be ashamed if it is not elegant or your handwriting is bad! You should not write something that's not your style because then it will not be from you, or, at least, the real you. It doesn't have to be long, and it doesn't have to be short. It doesn't have to be of medium length either! The only thing that matters is if it comes from your heart.

Keep Blooming,

Princess Catherine WhiteRose


  1. Very good suggestions! I know (and am related to) many people who don't value purity. You've been very encouraging!

    I like to pray for my future husband; maybe ask God to protect him and guide him through life. Your letter writing is a wonderful idea!


  2. You can also put the letter in your Hope Chest and show it to your husband when you marry him!