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Monday, September 28, 2009

A More Beautiful You--by Johnny Diaz

This song is one of my favorites. I first heard it on 91.9 FM (a radio station that I would suggest for all who like listening to Christian contemporary songs).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Fitting In

I can't even count the times I've tried to fit into a crowd by wearing something borderline of know, maybe a slightly-too-tight shirt, or shorts that just went a little too high, nothing that shocking--just enough to sort of fit in. Or try to.

Have you ever done something like that? Probably. We're all sinful, and I know at least I have tried to look a little less...well, Christian. Passing up skirts, not because they're impractical for the occasion, but because no one else will be wearing a skirt is an example of what I do. And it's just so I don't look different.

Do you see anything wrong with that?

Basically, trying to look less Christian is telling people that you're ashamed of being a Christian. You're ashamed of Christ, and you're trying to hide the fact that you believe in Him. Does that sound...wrong?

Just think about it. We're ashamed to show, even just by the way we dress, that we love and believe in the Savior who humbled Himself, even to the point of dying on the cross, for us! Even if we do something awful, Christ still loves us. He was perfect, and we're ashamed of Him?! Something's wrong.

Not only is it awful to be ashamed that you're a Christian (as shown by the paragraph above) it's...useless. If we're true, Bible-believing, sound Christians, nothing is going to make us blend in. We'll be set apart by the way we act, talk, and react to others. So what's the use of trying to blend in then, if we can't? We'll always be different, and we should be proud of that!

Peter is a good example, you know, his denial of Christ. If you read the passage in the Bible, it shows that Peter stands out simply because of his accent! And yet, he tries to deny that he's a disciple...even going to the point of cursing.

When I first thought of that, my first reaction was, "Well, I'm not as awful as Peter; I don't even curse!" But am I doing something like that by trying to blend in to non-Christians?


So I don't have any excuse, either.

And yet, Jesus still loved Peter!

Isn't that totally awesome!!

Here Peter was, denying (three times) the person who was at the same time taking Peter's sin upon Himself, and Jesus still forgave him! Peter became a prominent leader of the church later on.

Peter denied Jesus three times, and I already said earlier that I can't even count the times I've denied Him!

So then, I probably shouldn't say that I'm better than Peter, right?


And there you have it. Next time I'm about to dress like the crowd, I should remember that Jesus wasn't ashamed of me. And therefore, I shouldn't be ashamed of Him.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Thursday, September 17, 2009


"I just want to be independent! Can't they understand?!" - A girl at a grocery store

I (Catherine) heard this comment when I and my family were walking though our local grocery store (we seem to do that a lot ;). One girl was complaining to another about how (and she was being very loud about it too!) "Unfair" her parents were and how "They don't understand her" and when would they "Let her be herself?"

I've heard similar things all over the place (you don't have to go shopping to hear them!), like, in church! I know! We are in the house of the King of Kings and they are complaining about their parents, while The King is their Heavenly Father! Kinda funny, isn't it? Then wait until you hear (or, rather, read ;) farther down in this post!

So we agree that people complain about their parents, right? Because they are "boring", "don't care", "jailers", "geeky", "weird", "uncool", and, (the worst accusation) "they don't understand!"

These are just some of the things I hear teenagers (both male and female) call their parents! And the thing is, they are telling it to their friend. If you ask your mom or dad "Can you list six names of people you knew in high school that you hung out with?" I am sure that your parents (unless they have good memories with names! ;) can list even four, let alone six (without pulling out the year book!)!

See my point? The friends they are confiding in right know they probably won't even remember, and yet they are talking to them about their family life and the troubles that haunt their every waking moment (like why they can't go to this or that ;).

Strange, no? If you think that is strange, wait until you read on!

To get my point across about this one, I am going to start off with a story:

"Once a girl and her friend (who was also a girl) were walking in the mall, talking about their parents.
'How can they be so clueless?' Asked the first girl.
'I don't know!' Answered the second with frustration.
'I mean, they can't understand that I need to do my own thing now that I'm a teen! I mean, I only have six years until I am nineteen!' The first complained.
'I so totally agree with you! I am becoming less dependant on them and they don't like that so they force me to do stuff, you know? Why can't they just let me be independent? I need to be my own person!' The second stated while walking up to a pretzel shop. The first started to order when the second one nudged her.
'Look! It's the popular girl at school! What was her name?' The first one (who was new to the school) questioned her pal.
'It's Crystal. Oh! Look at her skirt!
'It's so cute!' The first commented.
'Oh no!' The second wined. 'We don't have that skirt! We will be the laughing stock of the school! Quick; hide me so she can't see what I'm wearing!' "

Do you see? The girls are complaining about how independent we need to be and how we should "be our own person", but then once the popular girl (Crystal) walks up (or near them), they start wishing they were what?
More like Crystal.
That doesn't sound very independent to me!
It's ironic if you think about it! :)

You can hear people complaining all the time about their parents, but then they turn around and want to "fit in" with their "pals" at school, church, or any other group they are around.

Here are some ways that parents can be helpful (or any adult that you trust)(notice the word adult).

1. They've Done What You're Doing

Basically, they were a teenager (and "tween")(Tween= pre-teen) at one point in their life. That's the only way to becoming an adult! (unless you know another ;) They know what peer pressure you are facing, what ideas and backgrounds you are going (or going to go) up against, and they know how it felt to be a teen (tween). Sometimes it just takes a little effort to remember, but they can. They understand and are not "clueless".

2. They are an Adult

Pretty simple (and obvious), right? Yet how is it that we forget this so easily?
Since they are adults, they can do stuff you can't! (like talk to the parent of a fellow class mate that is being a complete jerk.) They also have an adult point of view on things and can help you there as well. Adults can help you understand your teachers too, because the teachers are fellow adults.

3. They Face Things Too!

Just because they are adults doesn't mean they don't face trials, fight battles, and have disappointments of their own. So often on movies the parents or guardians are always screaming at their child (or children) and not compassionate about their child's (or children's') trials in life. They seem like they live in their own happy "La La Land" (see Now What?, Part 1 for my definition of "La La Land" ;) and when anything bad happens, they panic. How many people do you see that are actually like that most (or all) of the time? Not many.
So parents aren't clueless to trials, disappointments, and the battles you face with clashing cultures, loosing friends, and other things that hurt!

4. They Want to See You Become Yourself!

On movies they also make parents (or guardians) uncaring about their child's (or children's') hopes, dreams, and wants. They appear to wrapped up in yelling, grounding, or not caring to ever listen to their child (children). It's sad isn't it?
But your parents (or guardians) do care what you are doing with yourself and your life! It's true! That is why they are pushing you to earn better grades in school and work harder at your job or chores! It's not because they don't care; it's because they do.
They want you to fulfill your dreams and try to let you do what you are passionate about (like sports, writing, drawing, and so on)!
Don't let movies tell you otherwise!

So, these are just 4 reasons parents are important for us! They know what you are going though, they are adults, they face challenges too, and they want you to succeed!
Note: If you have any other ideas about how parents (or guardians) are important, please comment (we love it when you do! :)

So, am I the only one that thinks it's ironic that teenagers (and some tweens) want to be independent yet try to fit in with their group of friends (that they more than likely won't even remember in the coming years)?

Princess Catherine WhiteRose ~*~

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glorified Underwear?

A post given to me (Princess Catherine ~*~) by Anonymous:

"When sitting on our wonderful, relaxing hammock, I looked up from the book I was reading because my dog was barking. Now, my dog is not the 'brightest crayon in the Crayola box", to use the phrase, or "the sharpest knife in the drawer', but this time she was barking at something that was really there.
A girl, walking along the road, was messing on her cell phone (more than likely texting) and for a second I thought she didn't have any paints on! Shocked, I looked again. Thankfully, she did have pants on (if you would call them pants). I have a different name for them. 'Glorified underwear'! Yep. Think about it. That's really all they are. In fact, some pants are even shorter than underwear! The reason I call them 'glorified' is not because they are religious or anything like that. They are just "fancy' underwear. Underwear made out of jeans, right? Or underwear with tiny pockets and glittery jewels on them.

What is our world coming to? Glorified underwear, tight pants, sleeveless dresses and shirts that I see people yanking up all the time.....what will be next?"

I (Princess Catherine ~*~) think that she has a point.

Modesty is not wearing long jean skirts, really loose and off colored tee-shirts that have strange sayings on them. No! That is not modesty at all! Modesty is just not wearing things that are too revealing and unnecessarily short. We really don't need to have short shorts, in fact, longer shorts are (in my opinion) better because they have bigger pockets that actually work (you can put things in them), and allow you to run in them comfortably. Low shirts are not desirable either because they are immodest and they are too revealing. Also, they give you more of a chance to get a sunburn (ow!). As someone asked me "Why do people want to be so revealing anyway?" If you have the answer, please leave a comment, because I still don't know.


Princess Catherine ~*~


Haha! I got to ask you a question now! ;)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is Lady-Like?

Many people have very mixed feelings on what exactly lady-like means. Some feel that being lady-like is being scared of mice and mud, fainting at the mere suggestion of danger, and in other words, being a wimp. So they never want to be like a lady. Instead, they act all tough and try to be like a boy.

A true lady is not at all like that.

Think of all the pilgrim ladies--they were true woman, and they certainly weren't scared of danger! They were traveling across an ocean, far from the land they had known, into a country filled with who-knew-what, to keep their children free to worship God.

A lady isn't a wimp, rather, she is very courageous. She supports her husband and raises her children in a world that isn't all pretty. She is ready with a gun or a sword when someone is out to hurt her family, and she doesn't shrink at having to be brave. One doesn't have to act all tough to be lady-like.

What would you rather be, tough--or courageous?

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is Really Cool!

Today, I (Catherine)(~*~) discovered something that I think will make some of you smile with me because you know only the King of Kings could have done this, and others will be like "What is she talking about?" To those who are confused at this at first, please stick around (A.K.A. keep reading this post ;) and I'll explain it to you!

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

Guess where this is found (no peaking down at the bottom of the post ;)?
Can you guess? No? Since I know the suspense is killing you ;), I'll tell you where I found this cool quote (and no, it's not from a quote website). It's from Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon? You mean that little read/little known about book in the Bible?
Yep. That's the one. The one about King Solomon, the wisest man that was and will ever be alive (notice I said man. This does not include Jesus, because He is/was also God) and his bride, whose name is not mentioned.
This is a book I usually skip reading, or I just skim though it. Most people don't worry about memorizing Song of Solomon, I mean, what is the use of quoting a love song that was written 2,000+ years ago? But God prompted me to read Song of Solomon, the little read/little know about book and guess what happened?

I was reading the Bible in Church and I opened to Song of Solomon, 2:1

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

This is a verse of the bride speaking to her husband (King Solomon). What does this verse have to do with anything? Well, for those observant ones, you've noticed this already, but for those who are still clueless (I was for a while too), look at it this way.....

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

See anything now? Yes! Rose, lily, and valley! Now for some of you, you might be wondering why the "lily" is in there. Lilies are white, correct? And does White Rose Valley ring a bell? ;)

See? Isn't that cool?! Now I know you might be thinking I'm nuts and being a little exaggerator about this, but I think it is really cool! I created this blog before I even knew about this verse, and look at this!

Note: Don't be surprised if you see Song of Solomon 2:1 somewhere else on the blog........

Princess Catherine WhiteRose ~*~


I did the ~*~ on the post's title because I didn't want to type "Princess Catherine" on the title. It's just for short. Sorry if there was confusion!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why Does This Happen?

I've wondered it before, and I'm sure you did too.

How come we, striving to be pure and make a good difference in the world, seem to attract "knights" that are......less than up to our List of Requirements?
Why are we attracting "knights" that are not what we would ever consider our Prince Charming? Is that a bad thing?

I struggled with this for a while, because I thought I was not being a good witness about purity. Why was I not standing out? Was it because I wasn't being a good witness for purity? Did I just look like the other girls who don't know what purity is, or worse, don't care what purity is and what it stands for?

As Anonymous put it, "These questions seemed to haunt me, until I decided to do something I should have before. I asked. Simple, really and now that I think back on it, I know I should have done it before." I (Catherine) asked my mom, and this was her answer to me:

"You know how you are like a flower?" asked my mother.
"Yes." I replied.
"Well, the boys see that and are attracted to it."
"But why am I attracting 'hornets'?"
"Because....Think of it this way. You are a flower, right? A white rose, correct?"
I nod.

"Then imagine in the summer time. You know those Japanese Beetles? They are attracted to flowers to, but the flowers don't want them around because they tear at their precious pedals and ruin them. But Japanese Beetles do have a place somewhere, but it's not on the rose. It's sort of like that."

My mom's point was not that boys are little beetles that we can squish or call the exterminator to get rid of. Not at all! Being a mother of three boys, she knows that is not the case!

Her point was that boys are, until the age of 21 or so and then they are not boys but men, are like the beetles in the way that they cling, nibble, then fly away. They are pests that cling to us, or we cling to them, and they nibble our pedals, and we could be nibbling at theirs. We should not be concerned when a boy that you know is not your Prince Charming comes up to you because he sees your beautiful pedals are and wants to "touch" them, but he is not allowed to. Perhaps you would understand it better this way.......

So, boys are by no means bad, and you shouldn't be scared or question your purity. Not at all! You should just be careful about how far you let them get. And I wouldn't advise you letting them get past your "thorns". ;)

Princess Catherine ~*~