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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What is Lady-Like?

Many people have very mixed feelings on what exactly lady-like means. Some feel that being lady-like is being scared of mice and mud, fainting at the mere suggestion of danger, and in other words, being a wimp. So they never want to be like a lady. Instead, they act all tough and try to be like a boy.

A true lady is not at all like that.

Think of all the pilgrim ladies--they were true woman, and they certainly weren't scared of danger! They were traveling across an ocean, far from the land they had known, into a country filled with who-knew-what, to keep their children free to worship God.

A lady isn't a wimp, rather, she is very courageous. She supports her husband and raises her children in a world that isn't all pretty. She is ready with a gun or a sword when someone is out to hurt her family, and she doesn't shrink at having to be brave. One doesn't have to act all tough to be lady-like.

What would you rather be, tough--or courageous?

In Christ,

Princess Izori


  1. Thanks for the great post!!!

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  2. I'd rather be corageous! Thanks for writing! This blog has been a great encouragement to me!

  3. It helped me a lot too, just writing it down.

  4. Does that mean that we can't be tough? I mean, I agree with being courageous over being tough, but CAN I be tough if that's my nature?

  5. Is it really your nature? There is a line between being tough and courageous. If you want to be courageous but you think your tough, pray. I did the same with my temper and pride (my worst faults) and it works!