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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Why Does This Happen?

I've wondered it before, and I'm sure you did too.

How come we, striving to be pure and make a good difference in the world, seem to attract "knights" that are......less than up to our List of Requirements?
Why are we attracting "knights" that are not what we would ever consider our Prince Charming? Is that a bad thing?

I struggled with this for a while, because I thought I was not being a good witness about purity. Why was I not standing out? Was it because I wasn't being a good witness for purity? Did I just look like the other girls who don't know what purity is, or worse, don't care what purity is and what it stands for?

As Anonymous put it, "These questions seemed to haunt me, until I decided to do something I should have before. I asked. Simple, really and now that I think back on it, I know I should have done it before." I (Catherine) asked my mom, and this was her answer to me:

"You know how you are like a flower?" asked my mother.
"Yes." I replied.
"Well, the boys see that and are attracted to it."
"But why am I attracting 'hornets'?"
"Because....Think of it this way. You are a flower, right? A white rose, correct?"
I nod.

"Then imagine in the summer time. You know those Japanese Beetles? They are attracted to flowers to, but the flowers don't want them around because they tear at their precious pedals and ruin them. But Japanese Beetles do have a place somewhere, but it's not on the rose. It's sort of like that."

My mom's point was not that boys are little beetles that we can squish or call the exterminator to get rid of. Not at all! Being a mother of three boys, she knows that is not the case!

Her point was that boys are, until the age of 21 or so and then they are not boys but men, are like the beetles in the way that they cling, nibble, then fly away. They are pests that cling to us, or we cling to them, and they nibble our pedals, and we could be nibbling at theirs. We should not be concerned when a boy that you know is not your Prince Charming comes up to you because he sees your beautiful pedals are and wants to "touch" them, but he is not allowed to. Perhaps you would understand it better this way.......

So, boys are by no means bad, and you shouldn't be scared or question your purity. Not at all! You should just be careful about how far you let them get. And I wouldn't advise you letting them get past your "thorns". ;)

Princess Catherine ~*~

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  1. Oh, the Japanese beetles are an awesome example! The poor roses in our front yard only have a few petals now, and they haven't even fully bloomed yet.