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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hope Chests

Have you ever heard of a Hope Chest? Maybe your grandma mentioned something like that, or maybe even your mom.

Hope Chests are...well, to put it literally, containers that you put stuff in.

Okay, let's try that again. A Hope Chest is a box filled with memories of your childhood, heirlooms, and your handwork that will be needed in your married life. You can put your great-grandmother's china tea-set (complete with the delicate rose paintings and gold edges) in your Hope Chest for tea parties with your future daughters, or you can keep a jackknife in there for a future son. Or a set of silver ware, for practical use, or even embroidered doilies for home decoration when you get married! Is that a better description?

Hope Chests are an older tradition, but a very good one. And there is never a time that you're too young to start one.

As a matter of fact, I'm hoping to start one soon!

Here are some things (including some that I mentioned a few paragraphs above) that you could put in a Hope Chest:

Photo Albums


A tea-set


A quilt, or maybe a tablecloth

A picture you drew when you were little

A Bible


If you've ever made candles or soap, that would be good, too.

Those are only a few ideas!

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bonus Question: Does It Matter What You Call It?

Bonus Question:

Dating, courting. Courting, dating. Does it matter what you call it?
Can you call dating, courting and/or courting, dating?


I (Catherine) don't see why it bothers people when I say "I'm not going to date, I'm going to court!". Is it the word "courting"? Or is it that they are afraid I won't "meet that someone special" if I don't "make myself available" because I'm courting?

That being said, does it really matter what you call it?

This is my opinion, but I say yes. Here's why.

If you call something a cucumber, but it is really a zucchini, and you were expecting a cucumber, wouldn't you be a little surprised when your "cucumber" tasted like a zucchini instead of a cucumber?

What do I mean by that?
Look at it this way.

When you here the word "date" (not date like a date on the calendar or the food ;) or "dating" what do you think?
Romantic dinners in a restaurant by candle light? Going to the movies? Sitting at home and talking with your someone special? Holding hands with each other?
Notice, in all of those, you don't think of dating as a "family" activity, right? I mean, dating is for two, not three or more.

And when you hear the word "court" or "courting" what do you think of?
Sitting uncomfortably on the family room floor, the two "love birds" on opposite sides of the room and five family members in between them? The daughter rolling her eyes at her parents? Or maybe it's the son trying to inconspicuously get closer to his special girl?
If it is, you are sadly mistaken! Courting isn't the word for family's trying to divide the couple, it's the family trying to bring them together!

But if you are someone who wants to court, but calls it dating, you aren't letting the special someone know what you mean. You don't actually mean dating, you mean courting, but how do they know that? Simple; they don't.

So, does it really matter whether you call it "dating" or "courting". I think it does. But there always is another option. You could give them a list (verbally or on paper) of what your definition of dating is.

Take your pick!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Question 7: What If Someone Asks You To Date Him?


This is a question I (Catherine) see girls struggle with answering, and I've even struggled myself. What if someone asks you the question "What if someone asks you to date him?"? What would you reply?

This question can have different answers because
1. This question can be asked by someone who is asking you to date him
2. This question can be asked by someone who wants to know what you'd say if someone asked you to date him

So, for the first part of the 7th question (the boy himself asking you to date him), here are some ways to reply.........

You Could Gently........
1. Tell him that you don't date, you court.

  • The way he replies to this helps you determine his character and up-bringing. What I mean is, if he says "What's courting?" you know he hasn't been brought up around courting. And if he says "I don't want to court." you know he's not for you.

2. Ask him why he wants to date you

  • This will help him examine his reasons for asking you. If they are simply "Because I like you", you can ask him why. Again, this helps him examine his reasons.

3. Tell him that he has to ask your dad (or other assigned family member) if he can court you

  • This will help "screen" boys. If they are to chicken to ask your dad, do they really care for you as they say they do?
  • It will also allow your dad to become acquainted with this boy and he can help you decide if he fits your List Of Requirements.

Or You Could.....

4. Simply say "no".

Now, the second "part" of the question (the part that someone is asking you what you would say if someone asks you to date him). All you have to do is give one of the answers for the first "part" of the question. Example: Tell them "I would say 'I don't date. I court'." or "I'd tell him to go ask my dad!"

I hope these reasons help you!

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Friday, August 21, 2009

Question 6: How Will You Meet Someone? Aren't You Limited?

Answers for "How Will You Meet Someone?"

Again, these answers will vary with the person you are talking to. And if you have any other ideas, please comment and (with your permission, of course), we'll add it to this "journal" entry.

You Could Gently......
"*" 1. Explain to them that when it's time to meet your future husband, God will arrange it. All you have to do is wait!
2. Tell them that it's not the girls job to go find the boy, it's the boy's job to go find the girl.

3. Say that meeting someone is not a priority right now

Or You Could.........
4. Ask them how long they think dating has been around for (remember, dating has only been around for sixty years at the most)

Answers for the question "Aren't You Limited?"

You Could Gently........
"*" 1. Explain them that being limited is not bad, in fact, it makes it easier to choose a future spouse because you have put limitations on them.
2. Say that limitations aren't always bad.
3. Tell them "Yes.", but that they aren't as much limitations as they are rules for your safety

Or You Could........
4. Ask why they say that
5. Just say "Yes."

Being limited is considered bad in our society, but with this, it is a good thing. Imagine trying to find the right guy without knowing your requirements (they don't have to be written down to count, but I would recommend it!)!

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Question 5: Aren't You Lonely?


You Could Gently..........
"*" 1. Tell them that with God, you are never alone, therefore, how could you be lonely?
2. Explain that having a physical person around you isn't always the best (especially for those who like having their quiet time) (like me!)
3. Say that with a boyfriend, you might not be lonely, but you might not ever have the time to be alone.

Or You Could..........
4. Ask them why they say that

One person pointed out that you could say "I don't have a chance to be lonely because people keep coming up to me and asking me questions!", but personally, I don't think that's a good witnessing answer. So use that as a last resort! :)

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Question 4: What's Courting? And How is it Different From Dating?

Answers for "What's Courting"?

You Could Gently.........
1. Tell them that courting is this "To try to gain the love or affections of someone that you (they) to seek to marry".
2. Explain to them that courting is a way to get to know someone that you are considering to marry.

Or You Could.......
3. Ask them what they think it is

Answers for "How is it Different From Dating"

You Could Gently.........
"*" 1. Explain to them that courting is more family oriented, while dating is me oriented
"*" 2. Tell them that you court only if you are ready to get married and you are considering the person you're courting for a future spouse, while with dating, you just do it for fun (85% of the time).
3. Say that with courting, you have your family help you and stay with you though the dinners, movies, and talks while with dating it's always (or 90% of the time) you and your date alone.
4. Explain that your family approves of your choice, while in dating, it doesn't usually matter.
5. Explain that with dating, you break up often and for un-sound reasons, but with courting, you only break up for real reasons.

Or You Could.......
5. Ask them what they think

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Question 3: Why Don't You Date?


This is a time that you get to share your beliefs about dating. I wouldn't waiste it!

You Could Gently.........
1. Explain that you would rather court
"*" 2. Give them some reasons from our posts Is Dating Dangerous? Part 1 and
Is Dating Dangerous? Part 2 (you could say something like "With dating, you could easily give some of your heart away" or "With dating you could easily break-up and start dating someone else in the same day, and that's not good practice for marriage."
3. Simply Say "Because dating isn't right for me. I court."

Or You Could Say.......
4. Because I don't want to (but then they might ask "why"?)

There are more good responses than these, but these are just some to help you. Oh, and by the way, I recommend you tell them Answer 2! :)

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Monday, August 17, 2009

Question 2: Do You Date?


Note: If you say Answer 1 of Question 1 then you will more than likely not be asked this question.

You Could Gently.........
1. Say "No".
2. Tell them you are to young to be dating
3. Explain that you are only going to date if you are planning on marrying and you are to young and/or not ready to get married right now.
"*" 4. Tell them that you don't date, you court

*Or You Could........
5. Ask them why they care (but if you say this, it won't be a good witness if they find out you don't date, you court)
6. Tell them "No!"
7. Ask them if they date

*Again, these answers are not for poor old grandmothers.

I know that these are just some of the responses you could give, and if you have anymore, please let me know!

Thanks and Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Question 1: Do You Have A Boyfriend?


Each of the following answers will more than likely differ with each person that asks. For example, you wouldn't tell a poor grandmother (or great grandmother) that it's none of her business and she should quit being nosey. While on the other hand, you wouldn't be inclined to tell some snotty jerk that you are to young to be considering a future husband.

That being said, I (Catherine) am just going to give you ideas on some ways to answer Question 1: Do You Have A Boyfriend?

Note: suggested answers are marked like this "*"

You Could Gently........
"*" 1. Explain that you have decided not to have a boyfriend and not to date
2. Say you are to young to be considering a future husband
3. Say you don't have a need for a boyfriend
4. Tell them you don't have the time for a boyfriend
5. Simply say "No."

*Or You Could..........

6. Tell them it's none of their business
7. Ask them "Why do you need to know?"
8. Say "No!"

*These would not be appropriate to say to the grandmother.

Another thing I just remembered. You could simply change the subject. For example, we were going to the local grocery store and a kindly casher (trying to make a conversation) asked if I had a boyfriend. To this, my grandmother said to the casher "I agree with you; the weather is very sunny today!". This knocked the casher off topic and I didn't have to answer the question.

I hope these answers help you and if you have any other ideas on what to say, please comment!

Thanks and Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A Week Of FAQs, August 16-22

Questions come in all shapes and sizes.
It could be a harmless granny trying to make a conversation. It could be a girl you meet at school or some event. Or it could be a boy.
How do you answer these questions?

There are probably more questions (and if you have more, please comment and we will try to do a post on it as soon as possible) that you can think of, but right now I (Catherine) am just going to do a week of "FAQ"s (Frequently Asked Questions).

Here are the questions we will be discussing on how to answer:

Question 1: Do You Have a Boyfriend?
Question 2: Do You Date?

Question 3: Why Don't You Date?
Question 4: What's Courting? And How is it Different from Dating?
Question 5: Aren't You Lonely?
Question 6: How Will You Meet Someone?
Question 7: What if Someone Asks You To Date Him?

I hope you will join us as we find ways to answer these questions.

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Garden With A White Rose

The Garden With A White Rose
By Princess Catherine WhiteRose

In the Garden,
Here I stand,
Wishful-pickers must watch where they put their hand,
For I have thorns that prick,
The careless ones who try to pick.

Some might walk by and say
"All white? How plain!"
But it's a symbol of my purity,
So I won't be ashamed.

So here I am,
A white rose,
Here I stand waiting,
And I'll just prick the passers by who purity they're hating.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What Do You Do If Someone Has A Crush On You?

There's been a lot of talk on 'What do you do if you have a crush on someone', so now I think I'll post about what if someone has a crush on you.

But first, let's see how much you know about this already.

1). What should you do to get over a crush?
-post their picture in your bedroom to remember them ever and always.

2). Is a crush harmful?
-not at all. Crushes are merely practicing for when you will really fall in love.

If you said that both of the first ones were the right choice, you were right. If you said that the second answers were the right ones, then much to learn, you still have. For brush-up, go look at:

More on How Crushes Crush


Do Crushes Crush? And How do I get Over One.

And now on to what you do if someone has a crush on you.

1). Pray. Very important and the first step for absolutely everything.

2). Read your Bible. It has good suggestions on stuff like this (such as, 'do not be unequally yoked).

3). Talk to someone else who has more experience with stuff like this (like an older lady in the church, or your mom, or even your dad) and ask them how to deal with it. My very wise brother suggested this one. And it's a good suggestion, too! (He's looking over my shoulder as I type this, and he let out a squeak of protest as I typed the above words. Obviously he doesn't want to be famous on this blog =).

4). Don't let the person have any reason to believe you feel the same for them. That would just encourage them.

There are many more suggestions out there. If any readers have stuff to add, feel free to comment!

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Prince That All Wait For

Have you ever thought about when you grow up? Have you ever wondered what your saving yourself for? I (Melody) mean, some girls may never get married, and if you happen to be like that, then what's the point of saving your purity? Say that saving yourself for your husband is like saving a chocolate bar for someone you expect is coming. Suppose that person never comes? Then what? If there is no one to save your purity for, than what is the point of saving it? Fortunately, there is a very good reason. Even if your prince charming never comes, someone eternally greater waits for you. Revelation 19:7 says: "Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give HIM glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and HIS bride has made herself ready," So you see, even if the prince you wait for hear on earth never comes, your Prince in Heaven waits for you. So even if you you think that there is no reason to be pure now, there is, because you, as a Christian and part of the church, are the bride of Christ.

More on How Crushes Crush

More on crushes...

Crushes are usually very temporary. They can last for a few hours to a year, but rarely go over that. Crushes are not true love; they're just considered 'puppy love'.

But are crushes harmful?

Most people would say no. After all, it's just puppy love.

Actually, crushes can be very harmful if you are not old enough to be considering 'knights' (a future husband). First of all, people are going to have several 'crushes' in their teenage years. If you take each one seriously and believe that the person you have a crush on will be your knight, when your feelings for him change, or his feelings for you change, your heart will be damaged by the time you've gone through a few of these. And once damage is done, it's hard to undo it.

Most crushes aren't even 'puppy love', they're just a feeling you get that you mistake for love. And when you believe that someone you have a crush on will be your knight, then you are damaging him. There are millions of young men out there, and only one will be your 'knight'. So there's one in a million chance that this guy that you just met yesterday is going to be your husband. Treat him like some other young lady's knight, because there's a very good chance that's what he is!

I hope this helps, Anonymous.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

P.S. If anyone checks the box labeled 'Confusing' under posts, please comment on how it was confusing and the other princesses and I will try to explain it more clearly. Commenters, if you think you have any helpful input, feel free to tell that, too.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Do Crushes Crush? And How Do I Get Over One?

This post was written for the person that commented as "Anonymous" on the post
"The Treaty Contest, A Note After the Poetry Contest".
I (Catherine) hope it helps you and others too! :)

Isn't it kinda strange that the word we use when we like (that type of like) someone is called a crush?

Crush (verb with object)- to press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms; to force out by pressing or squeezing.

How did crush (the meaning above) become the word that we like someone? And how can we get over one?

For the first question, I (Catherine) don't have an answer. If you (the reader or readers) have an idea, please leave a comment!

For the second question, notice I did not say "And if we get a crush, how do we get over them" I said (or typed) "And how can we get over one". All of us will get one a one point. It's how we are created. If we didn't want like someone at one point, we wouldn't want to marry. And if we wouldn't want to marry, there would be no babies, no "miniatures" of our spouse. And if there are no babies, there are no humans. But the question is not who we will get a crush on, it's what we will do with it?

Here are some tips on how to get over a crush:

1. Don't Put Any Pictures of Your Crush In Your Room
Whether this means on the wall, in a frame, school picture and so on, don't hang the picture up or have it so you can see it. When you see the picture, you will think of the person and you might go back to the event that the picture happened. Then you will start getting thoughts like "Oh, I remember when ______ and I did ______ together! He was so sweet and nice!" or "He looks so handsome! Oh! He and I have the same color eyes!" (Seriously, I have heard a girl say this before!)

2. Don't Talk About Him to Your Friends
You might not like this, but girls have told me from experience that they got over a crush but when their friend asked how she and her crush were doing, she started thinking about him again. The friend did it unintentionally, but it still had the same effect. Avoiding talking to your friends about the "someone special" will help. Especially don't talk to your friends and call him your "boyfriend" because in your mind, that is what he will become.

You CAN however, ask them to pray for you. Ask them to pray that you keep your thoughts, words, and actions pure. But I would advise against telling them his name.

3. Be Practical
Does he fit all of your requirements? And if he does, think about this. If you are 20 or younger, you are not ready to get married, right?
And what about what your family thinks of him? Does your brother think he is a jerk? Does your sister think that he has a quality that is less than desirable in a future husband? Does your dad agree with having him as a future son-in-law? And what about your mom?

4. When You Think of Him, Pray
This point has helped may young ladies I have been around. Sarah Malley, in her book "Before You Meet Prince Charming" (a book I strongly recommend reading!) talks about reciting a scripture verse in your head (such as Matthew 5:8 or 1 Timothy 4:12). Another thing that I would recommend is have a prayer for someone when you think of your crush (and I don't mean praying for your crush).
For example, if someone you know is in the hospital, every time you think of your crush you can pray for the person in the hospital.

5. Don't Show Him You Like Him
Don't go up to him and say you like him. Don't start talking about crushes to him. Then he will start thinking of you as a crush (or girlfriend) and may decide that he likes you, but may not yet want to go as far as getting to know you as a future spouse. Don't give him your phone number so he can call/text you because this will also encourage the girlfriend/boyfriend thing. This might be hard for some, and easy for others, but remember your crush will go away sooner if you do this!

But what if I don't want to get rid of my crush?

First off, this thought is selfish.
If you are not old enough to be thinking of a husband, you are basically asking him to date you for no reason except for you to have fun NOW.

Second, the crush is distracting you from serving The King of Kings!
My family and I were sitting behind a group of teenagers with cell phones in Church. The pastor of our church was giving his sermon and the teens were obviously not paying attention. They were to busy texting and replying to texts from their boyfriend and girlfriend that they were missing the sermon. When the pastor asked us to pray with him, we could hear the clicking of their fingers tapping their cell phone's keyboard to text back a message. Now that I think back on it, the sermon was about being worshipers and not just observers on the outside. "Don't Just Go Though the Motions" was the theme of the whole sermon!

And third, a crush is not healthy if you are not old enough to be considering marriage.
It will chew away at you and direct your thoughts at that person instead of directing your thoughts at God, ways to serve Him, and others. Keeping it will only make it worse.

Crush- to force out by pressing or squeezing

So I suppose the word "crush" is correct for the term "I like someone". It forces (or squeezes) any thought of anyone else- The King or other wise- out of your head. It makes that person the center of your life.

Keep Praying and good luck to those who struggle!

Princess Catherine

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stand Up, Stand Out

Do you feel like you need to fit in or you will be thought of as (or called) "weird" or "strange"?

Do you feel like you are going "against the flow", or is fitting in the most important to you?

Are you afraid of sticking up for what you believe in?

Many of you will say "no" to most of the questions, but is it really true?
Would you decide to go and greet the new person at school (or Sunday school), even though your friends or acquaintances think that new person is weird or strange?
Would you rather fit in or decide not to go to that movie (even though you want to see it) because you know it just doesn't have any redeeming qualities and doesn't agree with what you believe?
Are you afraid to stand up for your faith, even if it is defending it against one of your friends?

Deep down, you more than likely will say "yes" to one of these questions. Good. You've realized it.
But now what?

When the title read "Standing Out" it didn't mean starting a new fashion of hair-dos.. I (Catherine) meant you should stand out in a way that will not fade when the next or hair-do (or anything else) comes along. I mean standing out like a bright light in darkness. I mean standing out as a white rose in a valley of thorns. I mean living a pure life in thought, in speech, and in choices.
So how can I do that?

Before I answer that question, let me talk (or should I say "type"?) about "Stand(ing) Up". That means defending what you believe in. Defending your family members from the hurtful words your peers are saying (peers just means "friends" or "companions").

But how can I defend my faith?
NOTE: I am a Christian, so these answers will be directed at my beliefs.

1. Study it!
The more you know about Christianity, the more you will be prepared when someone challenges you about it!
2. Talk to GOD!
Talk to The King of Kings and ask Him to help you in your situation. Ask Him to give you the right words and the courage to stand up to the person (or persons).
3. Memorize Scripture!
Remember in the post "How Do I Get A Pure Heart?" how I talked about the 3 reasons (there are more, I just named the main reasons) memorizing scripture is so important? Here is a forth reason, it helps you defend Bible Believing Religions!

So, here are just some ways to defend your faith! If you have any others, please leave a comment! :)

But how can I stand out from the rest of the crowd who think purity is un-attainable and/or unless?

1. Stand Up for What You Believe
Most people now a days fit in and crumble from the "ocean's waves" that take the form of peer pressure or back down when challenged about their beliefs. DON'T. This is different and you are sure to get people wondering why you are not backing down for what you believe. This will be a good witnessing tool AND, you may have people that believe the same things you do stand up beside you. They just needed a "push" to help them. You are the rallying point and many you are strong! But if they don't come to you at first or in public, that's OK. They know you are there and you won't crumble! :)

2. Live What You Believe
If is said I hated chocolate, but right after that (or the next day) I walk in to the kitchen and grab a Hersheys chocolate bar, would you believe that I didn't like chocolate? No! My words might have said one thing, but my actions implied another, right? If you have read Princess Izori's post about Actions Speak Louder than Words, you know what I am talking about (if you haven't read that post, I would suggest it! It's good! :) People won't think you are authentic, you're real and you really, believe what you are saying. If you say "Don't watch impure movies!" but then go and see one yourself, that's not setting an example.
Some people call themselves Christians, but their is no change in your life. Remember how I said that Jesus comes in and cleans your heart? Well, if those people that say they are Christians but don't have any change in their life, don't you think something is wrong?
Here is a great song that illustrates what I'm talking (typing) about:

Hope it helps you!

3. Have GOD Guide You Every Step of the Way

Before you say something, pray. Before you do something, pray. When you get scared, pray. When you are happy, pray. Pray, pray, pray, pray! This is a GREAT WAY for God to help you!!!! I know people get kinda scared or tensed up sometimes when they hear the word "pray" or "prayer", but all prayer means is talking to God. Don't be scared of the word!
When you build relationships with your friends, you have to talk to them, right? Same with Him.
To know Him more, you must talk to Him, and the way we do that is by praying!

So how can I pray?

This is a question frequently asked, but the answer is quite simple! Just talk to Him! It doesn't have to be out loud (He can hear your thoughts!), it doesn't have to be eloquent, it just has to be from your heart! You don't have to say things in a specific order, just talk to Him like you would talk to anyone else on earth (that you like ;). When I talk (pray) to Him, I am comforted, secure, loved, encouraged, filled with peace, and my problem(s) don't seem so big anymore.
I mean, God is bigger than any of my problems, your problems, and all the problems in the whole world put together!

Keep Blooming and Stand Up!

Princess Catherine