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Monday, August 17, 2009

Question 2: Do You Date?


Note: If you say Answer 1 of Question 1 then you will more than likely not be asked this question.

You Could Gently.........
1. Say "No".
2. Tell them you are to young to be dating
3. Explain that you are only going to date if you are planning on marrying and you are to young and/or not ready to get married right now.
"*" 4. Tell them that you don't date, you court

*Or You Could........
5. Ask them why they care (but if you say this, it won't be a good witness if they find out you don't date, you court)
6. Tell them "No!"
7. Ask them if they date

*Again, these answers are not for poor old grandmothers.

I know that these are just some of the responses you could give, and if you have anymore, please let me know!

Thanks and Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~

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