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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Prince That All Wait For

Have you ever thought about when you grow up? Have you ever wondered what your saving yourself for? I (Melody) mean, some girls may never get married, and if you happen to be like that, then what's the point of saving your purity? Say that saving yourself for your husband is like saving a chocolate bar for someone you expect is coming. Suppose that person never comes? Then what? If there is no one to save your purity for, than what is the point of saving it? Fortunately, there is a very good reason. Even if your prince charming never comes, someone eternally greater waits for you. Revelation 19:7 says: "Hallelujah! For our Lord God Almighty reigns. Let us rejoice and be glad and give HIM glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and HIS bride has made herself ready," So you see, even if the prince you wait for hear on earth never comes, your Prince in Heaven waits for you. So even if you you think that there is no reason to be pure now, there is, because you, as a Christian and part of the church, are the bride of Christ.


  1. I've always planned on getting married, but is your post saying that even though some of us want to get married, we won't?

  2. No, i'm not exactly saying that. I'm just saying some people never will get married. it's not God's plan for everyone.

  3. I am also confused. Sorry. :( But are you saying with your reply that God will actually NOT let people to get married? I thought marriage was a gift from God.. I want to get married when I am old enough, but could God actually deny me the gift of marriage? Why would he do that to someone?? I thought he loved us and wanted the best for us. Why would he then not allow some of us to participate in the joys of marriage?
    Sorry for all the questions. :(

  4. To Anonymous,

    God created you so HE knew before you did and before you were even created that you wanted to get married! HE does love you, very much! God might not tell you it is the right time for marriage, but HE does know you would want to get married! :)

    Also, you said that God wants the best for us, right? YES! HE DOES! But for some people, marriage might not be the best.

    Hope this helps and we LOVE getting comments and questions, so post them as you get them in your mind! :)

    Princess Catherine

  5. Oh I see! Thank you so much for explaining that to me! :)