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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Storyseekers Part Nine: Trouble

"Are you sure you can do this?" General Sebell looked skeptical, but Commander Kylin seemed completely confident in his abilities.
"I'm sure I can, General."
Sebell nodded slowly. "Alright...but be careful. Lucien expects us back at camp in one week, and I can't afford to lose any men before then. Understand?"
The commander looked slightly unsure suddenly. "Um...of course. We will not fail."
Sebell's eyes narrowed into slits. "You had better not."

"What is our"
Commander Kylin rolled his eyes. "Your job is to obey, not to ask questions."
The young warrior looked down. "Yes, Sir."
The commander looked pleased. "Good. Then we have work to do."
Kylin leaned toward the warriors surrounding him and spoke in a low tone. Finally one of the men looked up in shock.
"We aren't really going to do that, are we?"
Commander Kylin's eyes flashed. "Don't you realize what could happen to us if we fail? The general is counting on us. If this is the way we have to do it, then this is the way we have to do it."
"Whatever you say, Sir."

Looking out at the vast Estrellican countryside, Jayrin wasn't sure whether she should be excited or afraid. As the east gate of Stellin closed behind her, she tried to ignore her sudden urge to run back.
"Do you think we can do this?" Naomi asked, voicing Jayrin's own thoughts.
"Of course we can." Cheydine replied, optimistic as always. "I know it."
Dallian just rolled his eyes. "I guess we'll see, won't we?"

Three days later, Jayrin was beginning to feel better. After all, this hadn't been hard at all so far. Going over Melodica's directions word for word in her mind, she guessed that they weren't very far at all from the village they were trying to reach. Once they got there, they would be one step closer to finding the Story of Shaddi. They were so close already!
As soon as Jayrin glanced toward her companions, however, all of her excitement disappeared immediately. It wasn't Naomi and Cheydine she noticed, it was Dallian. Usually, he would be trying to make Jayrin angry by now...but he wasn't. In fact, he was being uncharacteristically silent.
"Dallian, are you alright?" Jayrin asked, not expecting to get much of an answer.
"I'm fine, I just thought I heard something for a minute."
Naomi looked confused. "Heard something like what?"
Before Dallian could answer, a terrible sound pierced the air to Jayrin's right. It was an unearthly cry, unlike anything she had ever heard before. It was unmistakeably evil.
Naomi gasped, but Dallian just looked as if he had expected it.
"That's what I mean." he whispered.
"What was it?" Cheydine asked, fear in his voice.
Dallian just shook his head. "We have to get out of here. Now."
Jayrin had never seen him look so serious...or so afraid.

Monday, December 20, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 8: Lady Isebelle

Naomi wasn't sure why she was in here, but she had a strange suspicion that she shouldn't be. Walking over to the open window, she tried to guess how high up she was. She shivered as a cold breeze blew past her. That winding tower staircase had led much higher than she had thought. Exploring the palace was one thing, being all the way at the top of the north tower was quite another. Still looking out the window, Naomi could see the point where the city of Stellin ended. Beyond that, there was a long stretch of empty wasteland to the north, and where that ended, she could barely make out a thin black line far away on the horizon. But if that was Lucien's camp as Melodica said, it wasn't nearly far enought away. It would take take barely a month for an army of that size to reach the city. Naomi shivered again, but not from cold.

Confused as she was as to why she had entered this room, Naomi was even more puzzled as to why she stayed. Studying the intricate carvings on the bedposts, tracing the curling designs on the silk bedspread, and taking in every detail she could about the place, she couldn't bring herself to leave. There was something so mysterious about this abandoned bedroom, something lonely, almost sad. Naomi wasn't sure who had once lived here, so far removed from the rest of the castle, but she was convinced that someone had

She was so engrossed in searching for clues, she jumped in surprise at a loud screech from outside. A falcon swooped down from the sky and landed on the window sill. It was Keiree.

"What is it?" Naomi asked, never once wondering why she was talking to a bird. The falcon simply watched her with its glowing yellow eyes for a long time, before spreading it's wings and soaring into the room. Naomi followed it with her eyes until it perched on the edge of a gold-gilded picture frame, again turning towards her.

Naomi brushed the frame with the tips of her fingers, watching as a thick layer of dust fell to the floor. It was obvious that no one had been in this room in a long, long time. Keiree screeched, still watching her closely.

The painting was a portrait of a black-haired girl some years older than Naomi. Her clothes were like those the Estrellican nobility wore. What Naomi noticed most about her, however, were her strage grey eyes. They seemed to be almost...alive. Removing the picture frame from the wall, searching for something written on the back. There was nothing.

With a sigh, Naomi was just lifting the painting to put it back on the wall when she heard a voice behind her.

"What are you doing here?"

Naomi jumped, dropping the portrait with a crash. Princess Melodica rushed forward, carefully placing the picture on the bed as she checked to make sure it wasn't damaged.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Naomi gasped, kneeling to pick up the shards of broken glass.

"It's alright, Naomi. You couldn't have known..."

"Known what?"

When the princess didn't answer, Naomi decided to let the subject drop. Instead, she asked another question. "Whose room is this, Your Highness?"

"It belonged to her." Melodica pointed at the picture of the girl. "Lady Isebelle."

That didn't help Naomi at all. "Who is Lady Isebelle?"

"She is...or friend, nearly three years ago." Melodica looked as if it wasn't something she wanted to remember. Still, Naomi was curious.

"What happened to her?"

"She dissapeared.One day she was here, and the next she was just...gone."

Naomi tried to comprehend all this. She decided not to ask Melodica anything else, though she determined to find out the rest of this story.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Day that Christmas Really Began

It was as if two different worlds stood in that room. Satan, with his cold, dark appearance, was the complete opposite of God's Son, who was surrounded in a shroud of light. Jesus had come with one request for the evil being before Him, though He knew it would come at a great cost to Himself.
Jesus began the conversation with one question. "Would you give Me humanity, Satan?"
Satan laughed cruelly. "Humanity? Why ever would You want them? They are murders, criminals, and idolaters. Their hearts are completely sold out to me. They don't want to return to You. Besides, they chose me over You in the Garden of Eden. Remember?"
"All that matters little to Me." Jesus replied calmly. "I created them in My image, and I love them."
"How could anyone love them?"
"What do you want for them, Satan?"

"Why should I give them to You?"
"What do you want for them, Satan?"
"They hate You. Just leave them alone."
"What do you want for them, Satan?"
"Wait. What do You get out of this?"
Jesus sighed. "I get nothing. In fact, you're right, they have rejected me. Still, I want them. Still, I would give anything for them. Even when they don't love Me, I still love them."
Satan rolled his eyes. "Alright, but I will take only one price. The highest price You can pay."
"Name it."
Satan sneered. "I want Your sweat, Your tears, and Your blood. I'll take You in exchange for all mankind."
There was a moment of silence as the King of Heaven stared into Satan's face, tears glistening in His eyes.

Christmas Blessings,

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letting Him Hold the Door...

...even though you can.

Most of us don't have trouble opening doors by ourselves. You probably have never had to ask someone to help you open the library door, or help you heave that post office deposit box open. We can carry our things to the car by ourselves (even if we do have to make numerous trips), or lift our luggage without assistance. We girls have muscles, but if we don't let guys help us open doors for us, or carry our things, they loose something vital about being a gentlemen: practice.

As sisters in Christ, we are to allow guys to practice being gentlemen on us. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating letting him hold that door for you, or taking the luggage you were going to help your relative with, but it's necessary for guys not only to feel helpful, but get used to becoming a blessing without constantly being told what to do. One time I wasn't feeling well, and I needed help getting things for my cold (blankets, juice, and such). I could have gotten up and taken the things myself, or I could ask my brother to help me. Taking the latter option, I allowed him to be a servant, and he helped me. You may laugh, or be skeptical, but it really is important for us to step aside and allow someone else to help us.

In our culture, we are constantly being told that the less you need people to help you, the stronger you are. Independence from anyone or anything is smiled upon, while anyone who asks for a hand is scorned or thought weak. Sadly, this is not how God created humans to be. We are to be the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12 and Eph. 4:12), and that means we are to work together, and rely upon one another. We are supposed to have each other's backs.

So even though you're capable of heaving that sliding glass door open, allow a brother in Christ to do it for you. Wouldn't you want your future husband to have the same practice? :)


Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting into the Thankful Mood

One of the most sure ways I get into the Holiday spirit is to write a list of things I'm thankful for. Family and friends are big ones, along with Christ coming to earth and dying for us, but this year I challenge you to take the time and think about the smaller things, like hot water or clouds, and thank God for them.

Here are some things I'm thankful for and why:

1. Shadows
I know it's not summer anymore, but boy was I glad to have shadows on those hot July and August days! The shade is somewhere cool and inviting, a place of rest. I'm thankful that God gave us the shade. He didn't have to.

2. Music
Just like shadows, He didn't have to make music. But could you imagine a world without it? The birds wouldn't sing, the crickets would thrum with their little legs, and the frogs wouldn't croak to their tunes. Lions wouldn't roar, wolves wouldn't howl, and bees wouldn't buzz. Because everything that God made sings praises to Him, without music there would be no sound! Not only did He make sound, but unlike the bees and birds, He also made it possible for us to make our own tunes! Each one of us can make up our own songs as praises to Him!

3. We (humans) can smile
I'm so glad that we have a chance to express our happiness in a way that others can see. Just like it brings joy to see a dog thumping its tail, I am blessed whenever I see someone else grinning from ear to ear.
"You're never fully dressed without a smile." - Harry Connick Jr.

4. We can communicate
Not only can I say the word "apple" and you know what I'm talking about, but there is a letter system that allows me to write the letters "a-p-p-l-e", and you know what I'm referring to. And get this: we can also communicate with God! No matter what language you speak, you have the ability to speak to Him if you know His Son personally!

5. Memories
Aren't you glad that you can remember your own name? Or what about that homework that you suddenly remembered one day? Could you imagine studying for a test without being able to remember what your studying for, let alone successfully studying for it? Aren't we blessed that even when we can't see someone face to face all the time, the next time we see them we can remember them? I sure am!

So go on: make your own list! It doesn't have to be long, or fancy. You don't even have to write down your reasons. But take the time- even if it's mentally doing a list- to be thankful. You will be surprised, and left feeling refreshed and grateful! :)


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Thanksgiving, Then Christmas

I'm sure all of you know that Thanksgiving comes before Christmas, right? But have you ever noticed that? I mean, have you ever thought about it?

I know they were both set on their appointed dates for important reasons, but have you ever taken into account that Thanksgiving is before Christmas? I'm sure it's more than a ploy to try and tempt children out of their numerous Christmas list items. But as soon as I saw this from a new perspective, I started wondering if it had any significance.

Christmas is after Thanksgiving, but shouldn't it be the other way around? I mean, Christ came down to earth, making it the first ever Christmas day! That's a good reason to be thankful!
Perhaps so, but I think of something else as I ponder this food for thought. What if we are supposed to be thankful before Christ comes? What if we are to thank Him before His blessings, and trust Him to follow through with them? What if we are to give thanks, and have a heart of gratitude without knowing for sure we are going to be rewarded? It's easy to be thankful during Thanksgiving and Christmas (presents, family, and food are in abundance), but what about the rest of the time? And what about the time in between? I think Thanksgiving is a gentle reminder that starts off the holiday season, reminding those to be grateful for what Christ did for us. It points us in the right direction, reminding us that He didn't have to save us. And those days in between Christmas and Thanksgiving should be a time of heart preparation for the greatest blessing of all: Jesus Christ.

So as you get ready for Thanksgiving this week (and enjoy a couple days off from school!), take the time to be truly thankful, and ask God to give you a thankful spirit throughout the year.

Thanks for reading. :)

Princess Catherine ~*~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The snow is lightly falling, glittering lights in every window, Christmas songs playing in every store...

I LOVE Christmas shopping (in case you couldn't tell!).

It seems, however, that before I can even think about Christmas shopping (like, in August, for example), stores are already sending out magazine after magazine through the mail, and more advertising e-mails than I can possibly handle. In s0me ways this makes Christmas shopping easier later on, because I already have a pretty good idea of what to get everyone. In other ways though, it can be annoying.

One of the things I like least about advertisements is the extent they go to to get us to buy whatever they're selling. Who hasn't seen ads with phrases such as:

"You deserve it."
"You NEED this."
"This could change your life."

The problem with all of these statements is the focus: SELF. I don't think I've ever seen an advertisement that supported contentment, giving, or being happy with who you are, where you are, and what you have. If you were content with what you had, after all, you wouldn't be buying their product.

The sad thing is that in our culture, many people do think predominately about themselves. This selfish mindset can produce all kinds of tragic consequences in people's lives. Our society desperately needs to find the cure for selfishness so we can turn our focus back toward God and other.

So what IS the cure for selfishness?

Many people will tell you it has to do with believing in YOURSELF and having SELF-esteem. In fact, these ideas are quite popular among people trying to escape the our current selfish society. But do you see the problem with these two phrases?

The problem, again, is SELF. Though popular, the core focus in this belief is still SELF.

The only true answer to a confidence issue is to stop focusing on yourself and begin focusing totally on Jesus Christ. When we find our worth in Him alone, everything else fades into the background. Thoughts about how we look and what others think of us will fade out of the picture, until all we are truly care about is learning to serve Christ better. He created us to shine as a living example of His glory, drawing other believers and unbelievers closer to Him. Suddenly, what we look like is no longer the first thing people notice about us. They will see Christ's light shining so bright in us, that nothing really matters. When we stop obsessing about ourselves and allow Christ to take complete control of our lives, we become a reflection of Him. As Princess Gloria said in an earlier post, we become like a mountain lake that reflects His glory. He is so much bigger than us, he takes up all of us so that noting else can even be seen. One of my favorite verses is something Paul says in Galatians 2:20, "For it is not longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me." I would love for that to be a description of my life.

Wouldn't you?

Blessings in Christ,

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hope Chests for Your Husbands

If you recall how Princess Izori talked about these keepsakes in her post Hope Chests . In this post I am going give you some tips about what you can put in a special Hope Chest for your future husband.

First let's start with what are some of the things you have in your Hope Chest. Birthday cards? Encouraging Scriptures or uplifting poems? Pictures or notes? Maybe a precious Bible from when you were born.

You can take some of those things (not those exact things, but the same concept) and put them in the Hope Chest for your future husband. For example, instead of birthday cards to you, write letters to your husband. Put pictures of you as mementos you can later show him. Maybe a list of prayer requests you've had for him over the years. Any poems or stories you write to him or about him work too! Your favorite Scripture verses (yes, that's Scripture verses :) can be kept safely in the Hope Chest as well. If they are hand written, they will be even more special to him! Maybe you want to give him a picture you've painted, or a craft you've made for him. A Bible you've kept to give to him could go in there as well. :) Anything you wish. Maybe you want some recipes that he might like in there, or a special music box that plays a calming tune. Again, you can put whatever you want to give to him in there!

Hope Chests are just gifts that let you treasure your future spouse even more. It will be an encouragement each time you place an object in that chest, reminding you that you are waiting for only him. One thing I would like to say though; I wouldn't give away things in your Hope Chest for your future husband until he becomes your husband. Why? Because you are giving little pieces away to another person that you had planned only for your knight. Waiting to give all the gifts for him will make each one more treasured, just like your purity.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Poem on God's Power vs. Our Weakness

(c) Izori

What few years have we
On our road to decay?
Fine petals have we,
Gone tomorrow, here today.
Our colors are temporary
For it is humans' way.

What awe inspires He
As our own breath flies away?
The Master of eternity,
Beginning, here to stay.
One hand rests on me, the other lights the day.
That is God's way.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Fruits of Favoritism

Have you ever been with a group of people, and two of them in particular were very good friends with one another? Half the time, they're laughing about inside jokes that only they 'get'. Maybe they'll gradually exclude the other people in the group from their conversation, or go off somewhere else. However, those two people would be shocked if you told them that they were being exclusive!

You probably remember how you felt--unhappy, lonely, and dis-valued. But are you a culprit of exclusiveness too?

Before I go on, I'll say that this applies to siblings. However, if you have one or no siblings, you can also apply this to friends, or even parents.

Favoritism is a form of exclusiveness. Among siblings it's a common thing. Usually one of the children (in the case of our family...*guilty face*'s the oldest) will show more attachment to one sibling and not the other. It's easy, too. They might be the closest in age, are interested in the same things, or do much of the same activities.

It gets to a point where they have almost a line of communication that only they can access--a little sign with the hand, a look, a nod of the head, etc. Eventually, the two will start showing favors to one another by maybe turning the other way when something is wrong, or automatically blaming the sibling they don't favor in fights.

Of course, the two think they're doing great because they're getting along with a sibling...or that is, one of them.

In reality, they're hurting their other siblings and causing strife. Jealously, bitterness, and detachment are the fruits of favoritism. Just look at the story of Joseph.

His father favored Joseph more than his brothers, and for that he got sold to Egypt. Of course, God was working in this for good, but that's no excuse. Yes, God can produce good out of our evil, but that doesn't mean we should do it. The nation of Egypt was saved from devastating starvation, but Jacob suffered for years with a family torn apart by the fruits of favoritism.

It's really easy to overlook favoritism if you're doing it yourself (realize that this is the voice of bitter experience...). Here's a few hints to look for:

1. You find yourself automatically siding with one sibling and against the other in a fight, even if you have a nagging feeling that it's unfair.

2. You spend more time with one sibling than another.

3. Your tone of voice towards one sibling is mostly gentle, but you find yourself speaking toward another judgmentally.

4. You get angry when your parents 'excuse' bad behavior with one sibling (although you feel like they're being merciful and loving when they do the same to another)

5. You and one sibling tend to 'gang up' on another sibling during disputes.

I've said that I am speaking from my own experience. Yes, it's true. I'm coming to realize more and more that one sibling in particular is excluded from what another sibling and I do. One reason is that the sibling I favor is more my age, and we tend to like the same movies and do many activities together. The sibling I don't favor is a lot different from me, and our ages are further apart. The warning hints that I listed above are the ones that I found when I searched my actions.

Now, here are some helping tips:

1. First off, don't stop favoring the sibling you were. If you just shift your favor to another sibling, then you still have the same problem. Favor your brothers and sisters, but favor them equally!

2. Find a special time you can spend with your unfavored sibling. Once again, continue to spend time with the sibling you favor, but try to equally include your other sibling. Have a tea party with both of them, or set up a little Bible study. Help them gain a skill, or gently encourage them in their schoolwork.

3. Always look at both sides of an argument between your two siblings. Support the side that is right, not the side of the person that you show more favors to.

4. The 'both sides' hint goes for when your parents deal with the siblings.

5. Don't gang up on either sibling. If you and one sibling have a secret communication system, why don't you include your other sibling in it, or give them a wink or a nod from time to time too.

Favoritism can tear a family apart. It happened to Joseph's family. Don't let it happen to yours.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Picture with me, if you will, a beautiful, breath-taking mountain. It stretches high into the sky and is the most beautiful thing you could ever see! Its color is a glorious and clear blue, and the top sparkles in the sunlight.

Down below, at the foot of the mountain, there is a lake. It has been put in that particular spot for a reason: to reflect the mountain and its splendor. However, the lake is more like a swamp, with brown grasses and bare trees growing in it. The water is murky and dirty, and the bit that can be seen through the plant overgrowth has no way of reflecting anything. How can the lake fulfill its purpose? If only there was some way to remove the ugliness from it!

So it is with us and God.

God is like the beautiful mountain. His majesty and wonder are indescribable! He is so glorious and strong.

We are like the lake, meant to reflect His beauty and glory. This, though, is impossible for us to do on our own. We are full of sin, which dirties the water and produces tangled vines and tough grasses. There is no way that Jesus can be reflected in us.

But God, Who is rich in mercy, gives us the opportunity to be redeemed, to accept Him into our hearts and lives. Once we do that, He starts the long process of cutting away the debris and clearing out the water. Bit by bit, we lose our life-dominating sin a little at a time: disobedience, rebellion, mean words, ugly and improper thoughts, evil desires, lusts, jealousy, pride, selfishness, discontentment, and the list continues.

If we let Him, we will, little by little, begin to reflect Him, drawing more attention to our King than ourselves. As He clears the lake, it looks more like the mountain than a lake because the mountain is bigger than the lake and its reflection fills the entire area of water.

Becoming a beautiful, reflecting lake is a lifelong process. The Lord knows the amount of sin that we have in our lives and, in His compassion, deals with that sin little by little, one at a time. But we have to be willing to allow God to deal with us.

That doesn't mean that we will never return to a sin once it has been conquered through Christ. However, because we can approach the Throne of Grace with confidence we can be forgiven of the sin and given the ability to move on.

Is there something that Jesus might be pruning from your life right now? Something that you won't allow Him access to deal with? You can only be transformed into a beautiful lake, a radiant reflection of His glory, if you let Him be in control.

~Princess Gloria

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Verses from Romans

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. ~Romans 8:37-39

I thought I would share these beautiful verses with you all. Romans is such a great book!

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? ~Romans 8:31

O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable are his judgments, and his ways past finding out! ~Romans 11:33

And the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. Amen. ~Romans 16:20

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Friday, August 20, 2010

All the Time You Need

I'm sure that if I asked any one of you, "Have you ever been short on time?", you would look at me like that was a really obvious question. Everyone is short on time! We all have jobs, chores, schoolwork, and other responsibilities, and we only have a matter of hours to do them before we have to begin all over again the next day.

But have you used that as an excuse not to read your Bible or pray? Have you been shoving God aside so that you can get everything else accomplished? I am speaking from personal experience as I tell you girls (and guys!) this. It's hard to admit for me, but it's a convicting truth: I, as well as a lot of other people, don't have the Lord as our highest priority.

Is it true that we simply don't have enough time to fit earthly responsibilities and God into one day?

"I am the good shepherd; I know my sheep and my sheep know me"
John 10:14

"for the Lord is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed."
1 Samuel 2:3b

The Lord knows us, His children, and he has given us all the time we need to accomplish what he wants...but not a second more. If you don't have time to do the most important thing--worship your Creator and Savior--then you are either not doing what he wants, or not being efficient with the time you have.

But what if everything you do is a necessity, and there's no way you can eliminate things to make way for God? First of all, the Lord is the number one necessity. Everything is a waste if you don't do it for Him.

Secondly, are you sure all you are doing is so important? It may be high on the priority list in your mind, but is it in the mind of God? After I realized I was having a time problem, I examined my actions and found that most of my time I squandered away in non-important things. Here are a few major trouble-shooting questions I asked my self.

1. Am I spending too much time on the computer? There's a really cute website that has hilarious captioned pictures of cats that I've found. Although a lot of the pictures are really funny, I find that whenever I'm on the computer, I automatically check that site to see if there's anything new to laugh at. It wastes a surprising amount of time.

2. Am I avoiding or sloppily rushing through my tasks? Getting it done poorly but quickly only means that you'll have to do it again. It's a short cut that is really longer.

3. Is what I'm doing the most important thing? Am I missing out on something even more crucial?

4. Is everything that I'm doing absolutely important and pleasing to the Lord, but I feel really rushed?

And here is how I fixed them:

1. Take an internet break for a couple days. I took one just recently, and I was amazed at how I got used to not spending time on the computer.

2. In everything you do, do it for the Lord. Try memorizing Bible verses about a thankful heart/good attitude when doing an unpleasant, menial chore like folding laundry. Always be cheerful and willing to help others. Also, don't procrastinate!

3. Carefully evaluate all that you're doing. Could you be doing something else that really needs to be done?

4. Consider a schedule change. This is a lot easier if you're home schooled, but even people who go to school can still mix around their chores and homework. Try getting up earlier to have quiet time with God. However, I wouldn't suggest staying up later to have it unless there's no other option.

I hope this helps anyone who has been struggling with the same issues as me!

In Christ,

Princess Izori

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 7: Dallian's Secret

As darkness settled over the land of Estrellica, an eerie silence prevailed inside the palace walls. Everyone was asleep...well, almost everyone.
Thump, thump, thump, thump. If Cheydine had realized how loud his steps sounded on the cold stone floor, he might have stopped walking. As it was, he had too much to think about. He really wasn't sure how Jayrin, Naomi, and Dallian could sleep at a time like this. Cheydine definitely couldn't. Pacing up and down the hallway, lost in his own thoughts, he completely tuned out everything else around him. Until he heard the sound. Stopping, Cheydine became completely silent and listened. He could hear it clearer now. It sounded almost like...someone crying. Cheydine hated that sound. Compassionate and sensitive, he couldn't stand it when someone else was upset. He had to do something. Walking down the hallway, Cheydine tried to follow the sound.
Finally, he found the place where he could hear it the clearest. Staring at the door in front of him, Cheydine tried to decide what to do. Suddenly, he realized where he was. There was no way he could have followed the sound here. The door in front of him...that led to Dallian's room.
That's impossible. Cheydine told himself, still, he couldn't hear the sound better anywhere else. It was definitely coming from that room. Dallian's room. Cheydine thought about it, but knew he had only one choice. Silently opening the door, he stepped into the room and closed it behind him. Dallian didn't turn, but just kept staring out the window. Cheydine couldn't tell exactly what Dallian was staring at, but he was pretty sure it was the Skhi Mountains.
Dallian looked up when Cheydine came to stand beside him.
"Why are you still awake?" Cheydine asked softly.
"I might ask the same of you." Dallian snapped.
Cheydine refused to give up. "Dallian, what is wrong?"
"Go away, Cheydine."
"You aren't going to get rid of me that easily. What's wrong?"
Dallian sighed. "You wouldn't understand.
"Why wouldn't I?"
"Because your life is perfect."
Cheydine could see how Dallian might think that. "That isn't true. Not in the least."
Dallian obviously didn't believe that, so Cheydine felt like he should explain.
"I know I'm overly optimistic. But, really, my life has been far from perfect. I choose to be happy. A long time ago, I learned that I could only be optimistic if I chose to be. I knew that everything wouldn't always go right for me, but if I have a good attitude about it, I can find good even in the bad things. So will you tell me what's wrong now?"
Dallian turned away from Cheydine, looking back out the window. "I guess nothing is really wrong."
"I don't believe that in the least."
"Well...nothing out of the ordinary is wrong."
Cheydine knew Dallian was avoiding the question. "Maybe not, but I know there's something wrong. You're hiding something."
"Even if I was, why would I tell you?" Dallian exploded.
"Because if we're going to succeed on this mission, we need to trust each other. Completely."
Dallian thought for a moment. "Alright. Everything I told you in the woods is true...except for two things. One, I haven't been an orphan nearly as long as I made it seem. Two, my parents didn't die when I was little. They were killed three years ago."
Now Cheydine was really confused. "They didn't just die...they were killed?" Only after he asked it did Cheydine realize what a rude question that was.
"Yes. By a monster Lucien set loose in the mountains. We call it the Alunsian. It has killed so many people in our killed my parents. I saw it happen." Dallian's voice held more anger, pain, and hatred than Cheydine had ever heard in all his life.
Dallian turned back to the window, his voice quieter. "Lucien's hold on this kingdom is growing. Our doom is near."

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 6: Arguments

Grey clouds. Empty streets. Silence. To Jayrin, Stellin appeared so much different than when she had left it. There was only the possibility of one conclusion: Lucien's dark army was moving farther into Estrellica. Time was running out.
"Does it always look like this here?" Dallian asked, falling into step beside Jayrin. "Because if it does, then I was right. Cities are terrible places. Especially this one."
Jayrin could feel the anger rising within her. "Of course it doesn't always look like this. Cities are amazing places...under normal circumstances."
"Estrellica is full of places much better than Stellin. But, I guess you wouldn't understand that, since you're only a girl."
Jayrin had had about enough. "And what is wrong with me being a girl?"
"Oh, nothing." Dallian replied, as though he believed Jayrin wasn't smart enough to understand what he meant.
"You think you're better than me!"
"Actually," Dallian corrected in a sophisticated tone, "I believe myself to be superior to one such"
"Well," Jayrin replied sarcastically, "You're very good at pretending to be smart, maybe someday you really will be."
Dallian immediately dropped his innocent facade, replacing it with his usual cold glare. "All cities are terrible, and all city people are arrogant. Why don't you just accept the truth?"
"Because it isn't the truth!"
"Fine. Be that way."
"Would you two just stop it?" Naomi asked finally, weary of the constant fighting.
For once, Even Cheydine didn't look happy. "I agree with Naomi. You're giving me a headache."
"I'd stop if Dallian would quit starting arguments." Jayrin protested. Naomi wasn't convinced.
"It takes two of you to have an argument." she said. A mischievous gleam entered Dallian's eyes.
"Naomi's right, Jayrin. Maybe if you weren't so immature, you would stop arguing and just accept the fact that you're wrong and I am right."
Jayrin looked as if she could explode any second.
"You stupid little..."
"That is
enough!" Melodica interrupted, glaring at Jayrin and Dallian. "It would be best if you you two would at least try and get along!"
Without a word to anyone, Jayrin pushed Dallian aside and walked in front of him, anger showing in every step she took. Clenching his fists at his sides, Dallian looked as though he wanted to shove her into a mud puddle.

A loud screeching sound could be heard above Jayrin's head. She looked up in annoyance. "Would that bird please be quiet?" she asked sharply.
"It's not just a bird." Dallian shot back. "It's a falcon. Her name is Keiree, and she belongs to me."
Jayrin didn't believe it. "Sure she does."
"It's true! I can prove it." Looking up toward the sky, Dallian called the bird's name. It swooped down out of the sky, landing gracefully at Dallian's feet. "Told you." he said. Naomi, Jayrin, Cheydine, and Melodica crowded around him, looking curiously at the white-and-gray falcon.
"Oh!" Naomi gasped, eyes shining.
"She's beautiful." Cheydine agreed in an awed tone. Dallian smiled for the first time.
"Isn't she? I've raised her since before she could fly. I never found out what happened to her parents." He suddenly looked down, a shadow passing though his eyes. "Maybe they died. Like mine."
"Are you alright, Dallian?" Naomi asked gently. Dallian looked up, quickly blinking away the tears in his eyes, hoping no one could see the feelings he tried so hard to hide. "I'm fine."
Naomi looked concerned, but didn't say anything. After a long silence, Melodica pointed ahead of them.
"We aren't far from the castle now. Come on."

"And you're sure she has found all four?" Lucien's black eyes searched General Sebel's face.
"Yes Sire."
"Where are they now?" Feeling sure that total domination of Estrellica was close at hand, Lucien smiled.
"The princess is taking them to Stellin to be commissioned." Sebel replied, glad that she knew the answer. Lucien didn't exactly take kindly to people who couldn't answer his questions.
Lucien nodded with evil glee. "Then they are within our grasp. Estrellica will soon be mine!"
"Whatever you say, Sire." if Lucien had been paying more attention, he might have seen General Sebel roll her eyes or have heard the sarcastic tone in her voice. He didn't, and therefore he still believed that she was loyal to him and would help establish him as king of Estrellica.
He, of course, was wrong. General Sebel had other plans.

Pronunciation Guide:
Keiree: Keyr-ee

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Another Reason for Modesty

As Princess Catherine and Princess Izori have pointed out in their posts, modesty is important because it can help you be a witness for Christ and can even help to keep you safe from dangerous situations and unwanted attention. In this post I'd like to share with you yet another reason that modesty is important.

Modesty helps the guys around us to keep their minds pure.

Guys are wired differently than girls are, so when they see girls who are showing inappropriate parts of their bodies(i.e. cleavage, stomach, large part of their back, too much of their legs, etc.) by wearing tight, short, or low clothing, their minds go to places that they shouldn't venture into. They can easily start thinking impure thoughts, to the extreme.

Because God made us differently, we girls don't have as much of a problem with things like that, but that doesn't mean we don't have a responsibility to do what we can to help our future husbands and our brothers in Christ. If we will steer clear of immodest clothing and dress in an appropriate way that honors the Lord, it can make a difference. Instead of the guys being wrapped up in thinking about our bodies, they can see us and talk to us without being distracted.

It must be frustrating to them when they're trying to keep their minds pure to see a Christian girl, wearing revealing clothes, walking around not bothering to help them in this matter. Please realize I don't mean to point fingers or condemn, but this is the truth. I've seen many Christian girls dress immodestly(in my opinion) while they think what they're wearing is fine. This can distract guys and cause them to sin in thinking wrong thoughts.

Also, whenever you meet your future husband, wouldn't it be great if you two could have a relationship that was based more on Christ than on physical appearances? Wouldn't you like for him to like you and love you for who you are, not how you look? Why not start practicing to dress modestly now?

I'm not asking you to dress down, dress in a dumpy manner, or to not be fashionable, but please take a look at how you are dressing and what you are wearing. We don't want to be a hindrance to a guy's walk with the Lord. Let's help them out by being modest!

~Princess Gloria

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Shopping Tips

As school is coming around the corner (sigh), there is one advantage to those who enjoy the mall; back to school shopping. And although it's fun to grab anything that comes into sight or that is your size, please keep some things in mind. Yes I know, no mindless shopping! :) I know it can be frustrating to find clothes that are your size that don't grip too tight or are just too revealing. It's hard to find clothes in your size anyway, right (especially jeans!)? Sometimes I joke that I'll have to go into the boy's section to find some shirts that fit right! But how much are you going to compromise fashion for modesty? Hopefully, with these tips, you won't have to push fashion aside, and yet keep modesty as your main goal.


I hear people criticizing V-necks, but I believe that they are over generalizing that style of shirts. There is a simple solution to low-cut tops; tank tops! Coming in a wide variety of colors (from red to blue and back again) at most stores, tank tops also have different styles. Lace, frills, sequences, or plain; the choice is yours! Not only are they a fashion statement in themselves (and becoming more popular), they also guard against anyone seeing more down the V than you want them to. Because of the strap adjusters on the tank tops, you can also alter them to have them closer to your neck, or lower down. Tank tops also cover anything you don't want showing when you bend down to pick something up, or when you raise your hands above your head. Also, for those low cut pants, tank tops are a bonus, for when you bend over people see the tank top and not your underwear.

Over all, tank tops are not only a fashion accessory that come in a wide variety, but they also can keep the modesty factor in your style as well. :)

With too tight shirts, I would recommend layering as well (or buy a size up). Wear a loose jacket over the tight shirt, or maybe a bigger shirt over that one. Also watch out for very thin materials, as they will sometimes be see through in strong lighting. Usually the dressing rooms have strong lighting, so you should be able to tell right away whether or not the material is too thin. Use your good judgment.


Although shorts are what most people fret about, some pant styles can also lean towards immodesty. Is it just me, or are pants starting to get a little lower? Also "tight" pants are in, but this has the same effect as too-tight shirts. We've already covered a solution for low-cut pants; tank tops. But what about too-tight pants? You would have to be really creative to layer pants, and even then it might not look right. So what are we to do?
The only solution I've found is buy a size up so it doesn't cling as much, and use a belt. Belts come in more styles, varieties, materials, and colors then tank tops, so if you do decide to go a size up, use belts as a useful accessory. :) Another way is to find a style of jeans that aren't clingy, though they may not always "feel" right (I know how pant shopping is!).


Keep an eye on what your shirts say, or convey. For example, the shirts that say things like "Spoiled Brat" and "Drama Queen". I don't think that going around wearing a shirt like that, and then claiming to be a follower of Christ mix well. Pictures on shirts can be that way as well. Remember that your shirt is like a built-in bulletin board; whatever you have on it, people automatically assume you agree with it (and that should be the case). Remember also that as a follower of Christ, the light of Christ should shine through, being a beacon on hope to the lost. Although it's not the best way to judge, people often judge on outward appearances. That's why I believe modesty is so important.

I hope that these tips will help you on your "quest" of modesty. I apologize if your head is spinning because of all the information or tips; it is a lot to remember when you've been out of school for a while! :)

It's hard to believe school is right around the corner...

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 5: Naomi's Hope

"If I could make just one perfect shot..."
Naomi aimed her arrow slightly to the left, trying to find the perfect position. Pulling back on her bowstring, she wondered why in the world she was talking to herself. Someone might hear and think she was crazy...if they didn't already.
barely one half second after she let the arrow go, Naomi heard her mother's voice calling her name. Startled, Naomi realized she should have kept better track of time. Hiding her bow and arrows under a mound of hay, she glanced quickly out the barn window. Judging by the position of the sun, supper was in less than an hour...and Naomi hadn't nearly finished her chores yet. Pushing her "target" (a.k.a.- unused hay bale) back in place, she pushed open the heavy barn door, the latch clicking behind her.

Naomi made it inside just in time, trying to remain unnoticed. Of course, she knew that was too much to hope for. Though she was the youngest, Naomi's eight siblings always knew when she was missing.
"You're always late, Naomi. Where were you this time?"
Closest to Naomi in age, Mariana seemed to find great joy in pointing out the mistakes of others, especially Naomi. Sighing, Naomi looked down at her plate, hoping her sister didn't expect her to answer. Of course, that was also too much to hope for.
"I said, where were you?"
Naomi's oldest sister, Elise, glared at Mariana across the table.
"Leave Naomi alone."

Naomi's favorite time of day was evening, when the sky couldn't seem to decide which color to turn. Walking toward the edge of her family's farm, Naomi came in sight of the one lone tree that marked the farthest corner of the property line. In one terrifying moment, Naomi realized she wasn't alone. Three people, somewhere around her age, were sitting under the tree. Drawing closer, Naomi realized she didn't recognize any of them. The three of them were deep in conversation, and didn't notice her for quite a while. Naomi watched them carefully. The person closest to her was a girl, about fifteen, with green eyes and a long brown braid. The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy next to her had a certain cheerful look to him, almost as if he always smiled. The clothes he wore were made of animal skins, though not animals Naomi was familiar with. The third person was also a boy, with jaggedly cut black hair and a somewhat bitter and angry look. His eyes were also green, though not nearly as bright as the girl's. Whenever he spoke, which wasn't often, he made the girl look angry. Stepping closer, Naomi was finally noticed by the other three when she spoke.
"Who are you?"
The black-haired boy looked up, frowning when he saw her. "I might ask the same of you." he replied shortly. The girl rolled her eyes. "Pay no attention to Dallian. He doesn't trust anyone."
The blond-haired boy smiled. "She's right, he doesn't." He smiled again, although Naomi was almost sure he never stopped smiling.
"What is your name?" She asked, finding him the easiest of the three to talk to.
"Please call me Cheydine. What's your name?"
"I'm Naomi."
Cheydine's eyes lit up. "I like that name." Turning, he introduced the other two. "This is Jayrin,'ve already met Dallian."
Jayrin giggled, quickly hiding it when Dallian glared at her. Naomi was intrigued by all three of them. For the first time, she realized how different they were from the people she was used to seeing.
"You aren't from here...are you?" she asked curiously. This time, Jayrin answered.
"Far from it. I was raised in Stellin," she motioned toward Cheydine "Cheydine is a forestdweller,"
"From the Spearhead Forest." Cheydine interrupted. In the silence that followed, both Cheydine and Jayrin turned to look at Dallian. Dallian just rolled his eyes, completely ignoring his companions. Jayrin sighed in exasperation.
"Dallian is from the Skhi Mountains." she said, looking as though she wished he were there instead of here.
"As if it concerns you." Dallian interjected, glaring at Naomi with eyes that resembled cold, hard, green ice. Naomi backed away a step.
Jayrin rolled her own eyes in Dallian's direction. "Pay him no mind." She said, speaking to Naomi though not looking at her.
Now Naomi had another question. "So, if you come from so far away, why are you here...on our farm?"
Jayrin suddenly looked excited. "You live here?!?!"
Naomi was confused. "Yes. Why?"
Jayrin's answer tumbled out so fast, Naomi could barely understand her. "Melodica said that we would find the fourth Storyseeker on this farm! You must be her! Now that we're all together, we can begin our mission! I knew we would find you! I knew it!"
Now Naomi was really confused. "Wait, wait, wait. Slow down. three are Storyseekers...and you think that I'm one too?"
Jayrin nodded. "Exactly."
Naomi was sure that Jayrin must be mistaken. "My mother used to tell us legends about the days when all Estrellicans followed Shaddi. HE even wrote them a book Story of Shaddi, I think. But, Mother said that the book was lost when Estrellica turned away from Shaddi. She said that when the time came, Shaddi would appoint the four Storyseekers to find the Story of Shaddi, and bring Estrellica back to HIM. Mother has been telling those stories for years. Even
if the age of the Storyseekers has come--and I'm not entirely sure it has--why in all the world would Shaddi pick me?"
Jayrin smiled gently. "I thought the same thing when Princess Melodica found me. I was sure that she must have made a mistake. It soon became clear, however, that she didn't. I even found out that my parents had always known the truth...but hadn't told me because the time had not yet come."
"I was surprised to find that my parents knew too." Cheydine added. "Shaddi placed me with them for a purpose. HE placed you with your parents too."
It was all too much for Naomi to take in. "So...if Princess Melodica told you all of this, where is she?"
Jayrin nodded toward Naomi's cottage. "Inside. She went to tell your mother that the time has come."
Naomi's mind whirled in a million directions as she spoke. "You're really serious about this, aren't you? But, are you sure I'm the one? I have four sisters and four brothers--all of whom are much more qualified for this position than I am."
"All the same, Shaddi picked you." Everyone whirled around in shock when Dallian spoke, though he didn't seem to notice. "If Shaddi were picking the best Estrellicans for this position...HE never would have picked me. Not in a million years."

"And you're sure that all of your children are here?" Melodica again searched the eyes of each of the eight teenagers in front of her. Elise, Thomas, Peter, Rachela, Ethan, Josiah, Reina, and Mariana. There had to be one missing! All the ancient Storyseeker legends pointed to the fourth Storyseeker living at this exact location. Still, Melodica was sure that none of the eight in front of her were who she was looking for. Melodica turned toward Mrs. Archer, hoping against hope that she might actually have nine children instead of eight. Before her mother could answer, however, Mariana interrupted.
"Mother," she said, her voice dripping with an artificial sweetness. "Shouldn't Naomi be here?"
Mrs. Archer only smiled at Mariana's words.
"Yes." she said, looking at Melodica. "Please, Your Highness, come with me."

Once safely out of the earshot of her other children, Naomi's mother revealed the truth to Princess Melodica.
"The girl of whom you speak was placed under the care of my husband and I fourteen years ago by Shaddi Himself. Her name is Naomi. I would have told you earlier, but it is a secret which I did not yet wish to reveal in the presence of my biological children."
Melodica understood. "Where is she?"
Mrs. Archer nodded toward the door. "Outside. Come, I will show you."

"Alright, Commander. If we are ever going to make any progress on this mission, you will have to cooperate." General Sebel's eyes flashed as she spoke. "And when I say cooperate, I do not mean that you take charge of this mission. I mean for you to realize that I am in charge!"
Commander Kylin shrank back. "Yes, General."
Sebel turned to address the small group of dark warriors who accompanied them. "King Lucien gave us one week to follow Princess Melodica and make sure she found the last two Storyseekers. Our time is running short, and I have had enough foolishness from the lot of you!"
"When will we be able to go back to camp?" one warrior complained. General Sebel fixed him with her sharp grey eyes, looking as though she could spit fire.
"We will return when you fools stop complaining and begin following orders!"

Pronunciation Guide:
Naomi: nay-o-me
Elise: el-ees
Rachela: ra-shell-uh
Reina: rain-a
Mariana: mari-ahnah

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Four Questions From A Reader

Dear Readers,

This is a post reply to a few questions that one of our readers had about courting vs dating, an courting and dating in general. Instead of answering in a comment, we answered in a post because of two things. First, our answer (as you can see) is long. It wouldn't fit in a comment. And second, our reader had some questions, questions you might have yourself. In this post we hope to answer some of those questions.


Princess Catherine ~*~
Princess Izori
Princess Melody
Princess Gloria
Princess Sapphire
Princess Jade
Princess Alicia

The Comment:

Alright I am really confused about some things. Hopefully you'll be able to help me (:

Ok, one, if something is "old", (Like courting) and something "new" (Dating, in your opinion) is available, why not use the "new" (dating)? You used the "mailbox and door" example, but really a door is plain and boring, so is a mailbox, and in my opinion so is courting. Why court when you can date?

Two, dating really isn't "new". It's been around for awhile and most people don't even know what courting is. I asked my friends if they've ever heard f courting and most of them said either, "No." or "OMG! Yea I've heard of it! Ew!!" Or something to that effect. So I don't really think dating is a "trend" I think most people don't know what courting is or they think it's boring... Any thoughts?

Three, is there a reason you attack dating consistently? You said there are only two "benifits". I'm sorry but I can not agree. All dating ISN'T bad, I've actually dated some really great guys. Christian guys with good morals. Anyway, I believe there are more "benifits" than just those two. People USUALLY love their bf's/gf's (: It's not just a fun "party" if you will.

Sorry if I sound like I'm attacking your veiws, I'm not trying to I'm just confused about why you are so against dating. So could you answer these questions for me?(:

1. Why court when you can date? Dating is a ton funner.

2. What are the benifits of courting versus dating?

3. Are you against dating all together? Not all dating is bad.

4. Do you think perhaps dating has any REAL benifits in your opinion?

That's all for now. Thank's so much! :D (Again I appologize if I offended you, I am NOT trying to attack your views. :) )

Our Answer:

1. Why court when you can date? Dating is a ton funner.

In our culture, dating seems to be short-term, while courting is more of a long-term commitment.
It can also be hurtful. Dating can easily get you off track in your walk in purity. Since we are like
rosebuds, we have to wait 'til we fully open; if we don't, each time you give your heart away it's like
plucking a petal off your flower, then you won't bloom properly. In dating, this is so easy to do, where
as courting is different. In courting, the guy who asks your family if he can get to know you, and (if they
say yes) they know that he is planning to marry you. They also know that he is not giving his heart to
someone else and hurting you or vice versa. Plus he has to pass all the standards of your whole family
and that is an extra guard. This isn't all about fun. Fun can be deadly, most of the time figuratively, but
sometimes in reality as well.

Has anyone else heard about the dating violence that has killed many teens? In these cases, the parents
were not informed of behavior that was hints of the violence to follow because, like the 'traditional'
dating method, the dating couple was unattended. In 'traditional' dating, two people go out to
the movies, a restaurant, or some other place without their parents. Thus, the parents know nothing of
what goes on between the two, including violence and ungodly behavior. Sure, there are some great guys
who date, and there are also some not-so-great guys. I'm not saying that any guy you date is awful, but
you can run into a “bad apple”...with tragic results. Yes, dating can be fun. Dating definitely is popular.
But is it wise? Think of 'crack' or 'pot'. Is taking those drugs fun? According to addicts, it sure is. Is it
popular? Sadly, yes. Is it dangerous? It can be lethal, not to mention it is illegal. Of course, there are
important differences. Dating only has the potential to be dangerous, where as taking drugs is basically
killing yourself. Dating isn't illegal, where as drugs are.

Ultimately, all girls have a right to make their own personal choices about dating.
But my thoughts are headed towards lots of prayer and a close involvement with my parents and brothers
(when God brings my future husband into my life).

2 .What are the benefits of courting versus dating?

We have a post that talks about the list of the benefits courting has to offer. Click here for the post. It is in two parts, so to read the first part click here. We also had a post that was directly before these
two posts that are mentioned, and they are

Is Dating Dangerous? Part 1 and Is Dating Dangerous? Part 2

. I hope they help answer this question that you asked. If not, we will be happy to help you more. :)

3. Are you against dating all together? Not all dating is bad.

It depends on the definition.
If it means “a meeting with someone of the opposite gender who you really know nothing about, without
your or their parents”, then I say it's dangerous and foolish. On the other hand, "dating" when both parties
are serious about a relationship is "fine" in my opinion, but just for fun can be not such a good idea. And
if you know that the other person is trustworthy and won't do anything that will put you (or them) at risk,
not to mention your parents are okay with you being with them and, even better, are in attendance, then I
say it's fine. As a matter of fact, I think that sounds a bit like courting! :)

4. Do you think perhaps dating has any REAL benefits in your opinion?

You asked if there was a reason we were attacking dating constantly. We are not 'attacking' dating. We
are speaking out against it and offering a better solution. Dating might have some benefits, but we think
that overall dating can be hurtful and you can give away pieces of your heart. With dating, you won't keep
your heart as guarded as one could when you're courting. In our opinion, dating doesn't make much sense.
Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone when you either don't plan on marrying them
or aren't ready to make the commitment yet? Yes, it may be more private without the chaperons breathing
down your neck, but honestly (in our opinion) that's not enough of a benefit to be willing to compromise
your safety.

Thank you again for your questions and honest comments!