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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hope Chests for Your Husbands

If you recall how Princess Izori talked about these keepsakes in her post Hope Chests . In this post I am going give you some tips about what you can put in a special Hope Chest for your future husband.

First let's start with what are some of the things you have in your Hope Chest. Birthday cards? Encouraging Scriptures or uplifting poems? Pictures or notes? Maybe a precious Bible from when you were born.

You can take some of those things (not those exact things, but the same concept) and put them in the Hope Chest for your future husband. For example, instead of birthday cards to you, write letters to your husband. Put pictures of you as mementos you can later show him. Maybe a list of prayer requests you've had for him over the years. Any poems or stories you write to him or about him work too! Your favorite Scripture verses (yes, that's Scripture verses :) can be kept safely in the Hope Chest as well. If they are hand written, they will be even more special to him! Maybe you want to give him a picture you've painted, or a craft you've made for him. A Bible you've kept to give to him could go in there as well. :) Anything you wish. Maybe you want some recipes that he might like in there, or a special music box that plays a calming tune. Again, you can put whatever you want to give to him in there!

Hope Chests are just gifts that let you treasure your future spouse even more. It will be an encouragement each time you place an object in that chest, reminding you that you are waiting for only him. One thing I would like to say though; I wouldn't give away things in your Hope Chest for your future husband until he becomes your husband. Why? Because you are giving little pieces away to another person that you had planned only for your knight. Waiting to give all the gifts for him will make each one more treasured, just like your purity.


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