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Monday, May 17, 2010

Results are In!

Dear Readers,

After the recent poll and blog survey we did a few weeks ago, I would like to show you the results.

On the poll there were

2 votes for more stories
Also, a reader asked for more Treaty Contest. I hope you won't be disappointed! Now that school is winding down, I'm hoping to have more time to write it! :)

There were two votes for more posts about Courting on the poll.

There was one vote for more posts about Hope Chests.
Izori commented that she would be willing to write more on Hope Chests. I personally can't wait!

There was one vote for more posts about crushes and the same number of votes for posts about dating.

Besides the votes on the polls, we had two readers ask for more posts about modesty. Also, another reader asked for more posts about purity, and some cartoons. We hope you will like the ones we come up with. Also, if you have any suggestions, please ask.

And last but not least, a reader asked for some good Christian movie reviews along with some book reviews. I'll talk to my team about it, and hopefully we'll get some up.
In the meantime, check out This is a Christian movie review that is something I've found quite useful and a good judge of movies. They update it with the latest movies (such as Iron Man 2) but have reviews from a couple years back (such as the first Narnia movie). Take a look! :)

Thank you all who participated in the blog survey and voted on the poll! If you didn't get a chance, or didn't know about the blog survey, you can still tell us your advice for future posts. Again, my team and I thank you all!


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Thursday, May 13, 2010

List Your Requirements. . .

. . . and keep them there!

Do not give in to anyone who wants you to compromise on your requirements for your future husband! These will allow you to know what you're waiting for and not get seriously involved with a man who doesn't meet those requirements.

What exactly do I mean about 'requirements'? I'm talking about certain points which you determine your future spouse must have in order for you to marry him.

But what if you don't have these standards yet?

My advice: make them now! In doing this you will know your standards when a time comes when you become interested in a guy or if one asks you out. Then you can consult your list and see whether or not that man matches your requirements. If not, there's no point in starting a serious relationship if you know that you couldn't marry him. That doesn't mean you could not or should not be friends with him; it's just advisable to go any farther than that.

What should you include in your requirements?

Some answers are obvious, while others completely depend on how you were brought up, your personality, what you see in others' marriages, etc. Here are some that would be good to include.

1-He must be a Christian. If you are a Christian, this should be a must. The Bible commands in 2 Corinthians 6:14-15 that we shouldn't be yoked with unbelievers. Plus this can be very hard and frustrating in a marriage relationship if you don't agree about the very thing that should be fundamental in your marriage. ( If you'd like to read more about this topic you can go to the Being Yoked post by myself, Princess Gloria) There's an addition to this, however: He must be a Christian who is showing fruit. Anyone can say they're a Christian, go to church, and all that, but the kind of Christian man that you should wait for should have fruit in his life of serving and loving the Lord. Here are a few examples to show you what I mean: (1) he leads a Bible study, (2) he actively serves at church, (3) the way he lives his life reflects that he is a follower of Christ and honoring the Lord.

2-He should have a high work ethic. In other words, he should be a hard worker, doing a job well. He isn't lazy(as in all the time) and does poor work; no, he works hard. This is important, because (1) then he will honor God by working hard, and (2) he will be able to provide for you.

3-He is committed to the permanents of marriage. This man should not go into marriage with the thought that he can get out of it in any way if it doesn't work. Hopefully, both of you will have been seeking the Lord's will in this and will know that you're supposed to marry. Marriage is hard and may not seem the way you or he thought it is, but you shouldn't think that divorce is an option.

4-Same Master, same mission. As in point #1, you both need to be Christians(have the same Master), but you all also need to have the same mission. If God calls you to be a medical missionary in Africa and the Lord calls this man to be a pastor in Asia, that obviously conflicts and won't work. The one the Lord has planned for you will have a similar mission in life.

5-He shares your value of purity in the pre- and post-wedding relationship. Purity doesn't stop once you're married; it is something to practice your entire life! This man needs to understand and agree with that. This doesn't mean that he(or you!) will not fail, but that you both realize that importance of it.(You can read more about this in Purity: Not Just a Now Thing by myself, Princess Gloria.)

There are several other requirements for your future husband, and some of them will differ from person to person, but some shouldn't. As I said when I started this post, don't compromise on your requirements! The Lord knows what you need and he will send you exactly whom you are waiting for, and they will match your standards. Carefully consider your list and see if there is a point which should actually be on your "Wants for my future husband" list. Some requirements may not actually be requirements, but only things you want him to have. Also pray over what should go on your standards list and what should go on the wants list; you may also be able to talk to your parents about what would be important to have as an requirement. But don't give in to anyone who wants you to go against the requirements you have set. The Lord will send someone who meets your standards perfectly; don't jump ahead of Him.

~Princess Gloria

P.S. I would like to point out that Princess Catherine also write a post about this topic in A List of Requirements. Check it out!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storyseekers Chapter Two: Jayrin's Calling

Clang! Clang! Clang!
The sharp sound of metal hitting metal echoed down the streets of Estrellica's capital city, Stellin.
Jayrin Smith clamped her hands over her ears as hard as she could, sending the plate she was holding crashing to the table. It shattered into a million little bits.
"Jayrin!" her mother cried in shock, hurrying to clean up the broken glass. "By the end of next week, we won't have any plates left!"
"Forgive me, Mother." Jayrin replied, her face flushing in embarrassment. "It's just so loud!"
Her mother just shook her head. "Your father has been a blacksmith since before you were born. Haven't you gotten used to the noise by now?"
Jayrin turned toward the window, not answering. Finally she turned back. "Mother," she asked, "may I go outside now?"
Her mother eyed the remaining broken glass with a sigh. "Well," she replied finally. "You aren't much more than trouble in here. Alright, go on."
A smile spread across Jayrin's face. "Thank you, Mother!" As she slammed the door behind her, her mother only smiled.

Despite the noise, Jayrin raced into the blacksmith shop, skidding to a stop in front of her father.
"Do you have my sword, Father?" she asked hopefully. Her father smiled.
"Here it is." he replied, sliding a small, ordinary-looking knife across the table in front of him. Jayrin instantly picked it up. Slashing it in a perfect arc through the air, Jayrin transformed the small weapon into a glittering sword.
"Be careful, Jayrin." Her father cautioned. "That sword is special. If it falls into the wrong hands, disastrous things could happen."
Jayrin was confused. She knew the weapon had special qualities, and she knew her parents had been entrusted with it when she was born.Still, she didn't see what could be so disastrous about losing it. Though she wondered, she never asked because, at that moment, someone else walked into the shop. Jayrin and her father both turned it surprise. A young woman walked toward them, she was tall and had a confident air.
"May I help you?" Jayrin's father asked, moving out from behind the table.
"I have come for Jayrin." The young woman answered, looking straight at Jayrin as she spoke.
"Me?"Jayrin's voice sounded smaller than she meant it to.
The young woman threw back the hood of her cloak, revealing her kind face and brown hair. Jayrin felt that she had seen her before, but she couldn't figure out where.
"I am Princess Melodica." The brown-haired girl said, "And I come in search of the Storyseekers. Prepare yourself, Jayrin, for you have been called."
Jayrin's father looked shocked. "Now? Already? But she's only fifteen. Surely Shaddi has given us custody of her for longer than this."
Princess Melodica shook her head. "It is not for you or I to decide when or how things happen. It is all in Shaddi's plan, and the best we can do is obey Him, for He knows all things."

On the border of Estrellica, where the Wall of Fire used to stand, thousands upon thousands of black tents can be seen stretching across the barren plain. This is the camp of Dark Army of Lucien, mortal enemy of Shaddi and all Estrellicans. The sounds of men readying their armor and weapons fills the night air, mingling with the smell of roasting food and the glow of cooking fires. Lucien, commander and king of this entire army, sits alone in his tent. He appears to be intently studying the large map spread out before him, tracing his finger along the many different roads which could take him to Stellin. A messenger ducks under the tent flap just then, shuddering when Lucien turns toward him with cold, black eyes. Lucien truly enjoys the fear his subjects have for him.
Soon, he thinks to himself, All of Estrellica will cower before me. I will no longer be an exile in a barren desert.
"S-s-s-sire" the messenger stutters. "G-G-G-General Sebell wishes a word with you."
Lucien simply sighs and waves a hand. "Well, go on then, show her in." The messenger quickly hurries out, pushing open the tent flap for Lucien's second-in-command.
"General Sebell!" Lucien says, motioning toward the chair across from him. "Please, sit down." General Sebell nods politely and sits, though her grey eyes betray her true emotions. Lucien notices. "What's wrong?" he asks in a more serious tone, watching Sebell closely. Pushing aside her loose black hair, Sebell pauses before answering.
"I am afraid I have bad news, Sire." she says, watching Lucien's eyes narrow. "King Eren's daughter, Princess Melodica, has gone looking for the Storyseekers. It has been reported that she has found one already."
Lucien looks as though he could spit fire. "What?!?! You can't be serious. We positioned invisible guards around the homes of the four Storyseekers as soon as they were born. How could they let this happen?" his voice quiets some. "Which one has she found?"
"The young girl from Stellin, Sire, I believe her name is Jayrin."
"Yes, it is." Lucien replies thoughtfully. "It will not be long until the Princess finds the other three. Once all four are together, we can pick them off one by one. Without the Storyseekers, Estrellica is at my mercy. And I have no mercy." he rubs his hands together in glee. "Call off the guards, General, I want Melodica to find all four. Then we will put our plan into action. Soon all Estrellica will be mine!" General Sebell smiles.
"Exactly, Sire."

Pronunciation guide:
Stellin: (ste-lyn)
Jayrin: (Jay-rhin)
Lucien: (Lucy-in)
Sebell: (Say-bell)

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Treaty Contest: Category, Style (Part 2)

Brone groaned as he looked at the huge oaken tree that was directly in Kerr and his path. The horses couldn’t go around it because of the steep cliff that dropped away from either side of the trail.
“How are we supposed to catch him now?” He said while grinding his teeth in frustration.
Kerr dismounted from the old gelding and started walking towards the oak.
“What do you think you’re doing?” Brone snapped impatiently. “I don’t recall telling you to dismount!”
“Well, we can’t go on with the horses, and our mission is to catch the knight. So, the only way I can think to catch him is by walking to our destination on foot. He probably had to dismount too, so it’s not like he can out run us.”Brone didn’t like the way Kerr was starting talk intelligently. In Brone’s opinion, Kerr was starting to think too much for himself, and that always meant trouble.
“Very well, but I’ll go first. Nudge me gently if you see the knight, okay?”
Kerr nodded silently.
They climbed over the huge oak, getting scratched and hit with the numerous whip-like branches, but finally the fell like a sack of potatoes on to the other side of the oak.
“Let’s keep going. We will be rich if we succeed!” Kerr said excitedly in a horse whisper.
Brone licked his knife blade in anticipation, smiling at his companion. “Right you are, now come on!”

The two men trekked uphill for almost an hour, and Brone was getting thirsty. He kept smacking his lips, trying to bring moisture back into them that the sun rudely stole without permission. Kerr noticed Brone’s thirstiness, and dug into his pack, pulling out a canteen that looked far too nice for any one of Keyren’s men. Never the less, it had liquid in it.
He handed it to Brone. “This is a drink I’ve saved for special occasions, but I can’t bear to see another suffer from lack of water. Here, take it.”
Brone stared at the bottle suspiciously, but thirst overcame him quickly, so he grabbed it from Kerr and gulped it down greedily, some of it slopping on his chin.
“Thanks, ah…Kerr. I owe you one. I should’ve remembered to bring something to drink, but I left it with my pony horse.”
Kerr shrugged as if it wasn’t an issue. “It was my fault, remember? I was the one who suggested leaving it there because I thought it would be too heavy. Boy, wherever it is, I hope it’s not that much further.”Brone shook his head as he handed the empty canteen back to Kerr. “Nay, it’s not that much further. Just another five minutes of a brisk walk I think.”
Kerr put the canteen back in his pack and continued following his companion at a faster pace.
He saw a hut on a distant hill.

Lillian didn’t know where to start. Perhaps Castle Court or Stoneside Lane would be the first place to look? She shook her head knowingly. The poorest of the poor would not live in fancy named streets. In fact, they probably didn’t even have a home to live in. Lillian scratched at the haversack tunic she had put on as clothing to fit in with the poor. No sense in drawing attention, she had told mistress ForestHeart. Now she was beginning to wish she had taken Ivy’s advice. Even the simple homespun tunic would be better than this itchy sack! How could the poor stand it?
Or how could they not? Ivy wondered accurately. This is probably warmer than most of the poor beggars have.
As if to prove her point, a small boy dashed by, his feet bloody because of the rough cobblestones underfoot. He wore only too-short shorts and a vest. Pitying him, Lillian casually dropped a small purse and hurried away before the boy knew who had dropped it.
Maybe now he can get some shoes with it! She thought with pleasure. Suddenly, she remembered how thin he had been. No, he probably will spend it on food. And what if he has a family to feed? Will it be enough?
Lillian had to stop herself from going back and delivering all the money she had hidden away to the small boy.
I’m being a fool. There is no way I can help all those like him. And what if he brings his desperate family and friends? What would I do then? I wouldn’t have enough money for them all; I would let them down.
Wrapping her tattered cloak tighter around her, Lillian moved to the dark shadows of the ally, eyes flitting around for some movement. With a feeling of dread, she continued towards the west end of the village. This was the place where the poor lived. All the city garbage was dumped here. No brick houses, wooden cabins, or stone cottages were anywhere to be seen. Not even mud huts were to be found. Instead, tattered clothes acted as roofs, bent rusty platters or large rock slabs acted as walls, while oozing mud, black as oil acted as carpeting. Where the mud was not, broken glass was. No food was around. No water (unless you counted the sewage water from the city) was to be seen. No animals called to one another, no birds sang out the songs, and no children played or laughed in the streets. This was Mudslide Village. A steep cliff with thorn bushes and briars sheltered some of the town from the wind, but although it gave shelter, it was also a danger. Whenever the wind howled or strong gusts hit the cliff, huge boulders would come hurtling down, crushing homes. That is why most people lived away from the cliff, but they still were in its shadow. Lillian had to stop herself from turning around and running away. She must complete her task.
She hitched up her scratchy skirt, trying not to get it dirty. Within two minutes she gave up. Her legs sank into the slop-like mud, making a squelching sound as she moved. Now she concentrated on not getting stuck. Bravely, Lillian continued deeper into Mudslide Village, never again to come out.

Brone was stumbling. Not only in his walking steps, but also in his words. He would blink constantly, trying to comprehend the world around him. Slapping his companion on the back, he chuckled lightly.
“W-w-wonder wh-h-where we are go-go-going. Hmm. Hmm. Hmm. Don’t…well, I don’t re-recall. What ab-about ya-ya-you my pal? Do ya-ya-ya-you kn-know?”
He continued repeating himself for lack of memory that he had already said those words before. Brone’s companion sat him on the ground gently.
“Best you go to sleep. I’ll continue up and get what we were looking for. You’re in no condition to fight, if you pardon me saying so.”
Brone stared blankly at his companion as he lay down, as if looking at him for the first time.“Who a-are ya? And w-who a-a-am I?”
His companion patted him on the head, smiling.
“I’m not the one you think I was. Now, go to sleep.”
Brone smiled as he closed his eyes, looking for all the world like a baby in a cradle and not a fierce warrior who was out for blood.

His companion raced ahead to the shack, knowing time was short. His boots pounded the ground beneath him, making dust clouds rise up all around him. Coughing because of the grit being churned into the air, he slowed his pace slightly. He wouldn’t be much help if he couldn’t see for the dust in his eyes. And what if he scared her by his appearance? She would, no doubt, be in shock after what had happened to her. The boots made a hollow thudding noise on the wooden porch of the shack. Knocking on the door, Sir Valliento entered the little shelter, calling gently. “Philippa?”

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your Mom's Job

Moms have a really hard job--especially mine. With kids ranging from ages 13 to 2, my mother has a lot on her plate! Changing diapers, homeschooling us all, cooking our meals, cleaning...and did you know that she has to do them even when she's tired? It's a continuous cycle.

She may not feel like making dinner, but the whole family depends on her. If your mom suddenly decided that she wasn't going to cook the meals for a week, what would you do? Run around in a panic wondering if you'll starve?

Yeah, so would I.

Oftentimes, I feel pretty guilty. I might come home one summer from playing outside all day and find my mom slaving a way in a hot kitchen to prepare a meal. Do I even thank her for all of the hard work? She's been doing it all of my life, and now I've just come to realize how hard it is.

In my opinion, I think that Mother's Day should happen more than once a year.

But alas, it doesn't.

Seeing that it only happens once a year, I'm going to make it a very special occasion for my mother. Here are ten ways to bless your mom for Mother's Day! They range from super-easy to challenging in no specific order.

#1. Wash the meal-dishes. A very good thing, and fairly easy. Your mom will greatly appreciate it, seeing as it gives her a time to relax after the meal.

#2. Offer to make a meal. Bonus: make it a healthy, good-tasting meal! Dinner is a great meal, seeing as there are so many options. Maybe you could do shrimp, pasta, with Alfredo sauce, and a simple salad. Or homemade macaroni and cheese with green beans. Or you could enlist your dad to grill salmon and vegetable kabobs while you make mango margaritas and fruit cocktail! This could be moderate or hard, depending on what you embark to make.

#3. Make her a sweet card. Put a poem in it! Draw a picture! Get the message across that you're truly thankful for you mother! This is, like, the easiest thing to do.

#4. Buy her flowers. Traditional and sweet, it's very easy. The only bad thing is that flowers don't last for long. And artificial flowers aren't really the same.

#5. Clean the house. Depending on the state of your house, this could be very easy or very hard (lol, in my house this would be the hardest thing to do! :). Even just a general picking-up can make your house look bigger and cleaner. This makes moms very happy.

#6. Make a dessert. It goes hand in hand with making a meal, and it can be pretty easy. Just a cake, or rice-crispies, even yogurt with berries!

#7. Watch your siblings, or even *gasp* change a diaper! Yeah. Diapers=not so cool. But it really helps! Your mom probably hates changing diapers as much as you do! Of course, this doesn't really count if you don't have siblings watching/diaper age.

#8. Do a few extra chores. This is kind of re-stating a lot of the previous ones, but it's still worth mentioning. Once again, easy to hard.

#9. Put on a skit for her entertainment. Enlist your siblings or even your dad for this one! Make a script, gather props, dress up in wacky clothes, and break a leg! Or, you could get your friends into it and invite their mothers over, too!

#10. Give her a big hug and a thank you. Original, easy, and probably the best.

All of these might surprise your mom, and make her very happy! And a bonus with it: doing these will train you for the day when you find yourself a mom.


Princess Izori

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Storyseekers Chapter One: Melodica's Plan

"I just don't know what we are going to do." King Eren paced back and forth in front of his throne, looking nervously at the floor as he spoke. "The Wall of Fire has collapsed, but only Shaddi can rebuild it."
The king's daughter, Princess Melodica, had listened silently thus far. Finally she spoke. "Why don't we just ask Him to rebuild it, then?"
King Eren looked up and shook his head. "It isn't that easy anymore. When our ancestors first came to this land of Estrellica, they promised Shaddi that they would worship Him above all other gods. However, it was not long before the King Ahar came to the throne. He chose to forget the goodness of Shaddi and turn to other gods. Every king after him walked the same path. Time and time again, Shaddi sent prophets to warn the Estrellicans that if they did not return to Shaddi, the Wall of Fire which protects our land would collapse. But the Estrellicans didn't listen. We continued to do things our own way. We will pay for that now, because the Wall of Fire
has collapsed, just as Shaddi said. The Dark Army could invade any day now."
we have chosen to follow Shaddi, even though our ancestors didn't." Princess Melodica objected. "Surely Shaddi will have mercy on us now."
"But we don't remember any of His laws or how to follow Him. Once, long ago, the Story of Shaddi was followed by all Estrellicans, but it has now been lost. No one knows where that holy book is now." the king replied. Melodica didn't seem worried.
"The Storyseekers can find it." She said. "You know, there is a prophecy that says the lost Story of Shaddi will be found by the Storyseekers."
King Eren sighed. "Yes yes, I know. The four Storyseekers where appointed at birth to find the Story of Shaddi. But that was years ago. I don't have time to search the country for all four of them now."
Princess Melodica smiled. "Leave that to me."

Melodica moved the dark hood of her cloak to a position where it covered almost all of her wavy golden-brown hair. If possible, she didn't want to be recognized. She slowly cracked open the heavy wooden door, hoping it wouldn't squeak. Slipping out of the castle into the drizzling rain, she took a deep breath of cool night air. Darkness covered the small country of Estrellica, but she knew that, somewhere out there, the Storyseekers existed. And she would find them.

Pronunciation Guide:
Eren (air-en)
Melodica (mel-ah-dee-cah)
Shaddi (Shah-die)
Estrellica (es-trel-ika)
Ahar (a-har)