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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Purity: Not Just a Now Thing

"I can't wait 'til I get married! Then I'll be done with this purity thing!"

We sometimes think of purity this way, don't we? That we can be done with it once we get married. But purity isn't just a now thing. Is it important to try to be pure now? Absolutely! But we shouldn't stop being pure once we get married. Purity is a life-long struggle; yes, I DO mean struggle! It's hard to be pure because doing so is so much against what we instinctively want to do!
But purity is not something we do now, then we get married and can drop it! Even after we're married we need to continue to be pure, in every area of life. We should be honoring God through our actions, our thoughts, and our words. Will we fail? Probably so. But can we be forgiven? Yes! We will need to get up and try again, but God will forgive us; we just need to ask for it.

Perhaps you're reading this and thinking, "But I'm not married yet! How does this apply to me now?" In a sense, it doesn't. This is simply a post bringing to your attention the fact that purity doesn't end with marriage. Concentrate on staying pure now, and when you get married (if you get married), you can then continue to walk in purity.

~Princess Gloria


  1. Welcome to White Rose Valley, Princess Gloria! :)

    Princess Catherine


    GREAT post! Honestly! :)

  2. Princess Gloria,

    AMEN to that! What a great way to start blogging!

    You go girl!


  3. Great thoughts Princess Gloria. Purity is a lifelong process and encompasses more than just the physical arena. Mental and spiritual purity also play crucial roles in life!
    Much Love,