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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Ironic" in the Eyes of A Teenager (Part 3)

This post was written for one of our readers who had trouble understanding the post titled "Ironic", written by Princess Catherine.
This post was written by a good friend and fellow teenager Princess Alicia to help our reader(s) to be less confused.
This post is dedicated to anyone else who needs it and its encouragement and wisdom. Parents, feel welcome to read this too! :)

A note by Princess Catherine: This post was not done by myself (Catherine), Princess Izori, or Princess Melody. It was done by Princess Alicia, who I am still trying to author on this blog. If you enjoy it (like I did/do) please comment! :) - Princess Catherine ~*~

So what's the "Ironic" part about? Right; got a bit off topic.
The "Ironic" part is this; it's just really weird how we say our parents are holding us back from becoming our own person, when the truth of the matter is we're holding ourselves back! "WHAT?! I'm not holding myself back!" You might be saying (or yelling). Yeah, I said the same thing until I thought, really thought, about it. It's true we hold ourselves back more than we know. And this is where the "It's OK to be different" comes in.

Have you heard the saying "Go with the flow"? I have, and that's exactly what I used to do and sometimes still do.
Have you ever tried to fit in with your friends? I know I have.
Because it's easier to go with the flow than against it, right?

I know it's hard being the only one doing something, even if it is just something simple like an outfit. But when we just do what everyone else does, are we trying to become our own person? No! Yet we blame our parents for actually trying to teach us things about responsibility that will help us become our own person, when really we don't have the guts to even wear different style clothes than everyone else! Think about it. Ironic, isn't it? The other thing is; we will listen to our friends and cave in under peer pressure, but don't want to listen to our parents who have our best interest in mind.
If your friends are pressuring you to do something, do you really think they have your best interest in mind?

When our parents tell us to do something we are quick to say "I need to make my own decisions!" or "My parents are trying to run my life!" But our parents (not our friends) are the ones who provide for us and take care of us. Even so, we'll listen to our friends over them! What happened to "I want to make my own decisions!"? Ironic, isn't it?

So, why are we so scared to be ourselves?
Because of rejection? Being uncool, unpopular, or thought poorly of? Why? I can't answer that for you, but for me it's because of rejection. I love being accepted (who doesn't?), but when someone doesn't really like me it feels like someone punched me in the stomach!
But I have figured out a secret; not everyone is going to like me (duh, right?)!
It doesn't matter what they think; that's their problem! Be yourself, mo matter what anyone thinks!
If you aren't yourself you'll be playing this big game of pretend. You'll be pretending to be this person you're not. Many people play this game, but (as they can probably tell you) it's not a fun one. Not only is it OK to be different (it's OK to go against the flow), but it's GREAT to be different!
Different talents, different abilities, and different styles God has given us make us all unique and special. Of course, that may not help when you're then only one who believes something, or you're the only one with that style of outfit, but remember to always be yourself!

You're wonderful the way God made you! No mistakes! HE loves you just the way He made you!

So, as teenagers (or any age), let's try hard to......

1. Obey Your Parents
Obeying your parents is rewarding! God will reward you, and your parents will trust and respect you more each day!

2. Show Responsibility and Maturity
You will gain freedom and trust.

3. Talk to Your Parents
You will get more out of it than you think and it will allow both you and your parent(s) to see both sides of the story.

4. Be Yourself No Matter What!
Become your own person with the loving guidance of your parents. Don't hold yourself back and then blame it on your parents!

5. Trust God and obey HIM
HE will do great things in your life, wait and see! One of my favorite verses is Jeremiah 29:11:
" 'For I know the plans I have for you.' Declares the LORD 'Plans to prosper and not to harm you. Plans to give you and hope and a future.' "

Princess Alicia


  1. Oh, what a beautiful way to end a post like this! When I saw the Jeremiah 29:11, I rushed to my Bible and flipped though its pages until I found that conforting verse! Then I took a hilighter to it! Now I will always remember this verse!

    Thanks a bunch!

  2. Princess Alicia,

    Please do consider being an author, because I feel like you so totally get me even though you don't know me! I feel like you understand me and sympathis with me and I like that feeling. Please?


  3. Thank you for the brilliant post, Princess Alicia! Love the Bible verse at the end!!

  4. Wow great insight! But, you said when we try to be like our friend we're actually holding ourselves back. But thats not my problem, my problem is my parents won't let me be myself! They encourage me to be like my friends, not my own persoN! I guess its the opposite problem most people have...

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Thanks for the questions. How do your parents encourage you to be more like your friends? Do they say I wish you could do that, all your friends are? or Why do you want to that none off your friends are? How do they discourage you?

    Princess Alicia