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Sunday, October 11, 2009

What Would Happen?

What Would Happen?

What would happen,
If the whole world decided to wait,
And not date?

Or, at least, not date until old enough,
To get married to their Special One,
And take it seriously,
Instead of having fun?

What would happen if they didn't give their heart away,
Until they were sure they'd say "I Do."
To the other person on the alter some day?

What would happen if people stopped texting,
And not pay attention as much to what they've heard?
And instead worked on their grades,
And try to obey God, and His Holy Word?

What would happen if the world took dating seriously,
Worked on their grades and studied their Bible?
And didn't date/court until they were ready,
And White Roses were becoming stronger than their rival?

Their rival is not again the people of the world,
For the Bible tells us so,
But against ourselves,
You may be thinking "How is that so?"

You see, we fight against ourselves,
We fight against temptation, greed,
Want, hate, frustration, anger,
Lies, pain, suffering, and doubt,

But somehow we get out,
We get out of the snares of our enemy,
With the help of The King of Kings,
And shine out like a White Rose among thorns and briers.
So what would happen?
I don't know,
But that's where you come in to play.....


  1. Princess Catherine,
    Thank you so much for this post! I think that you did a wonderful job writing, and the idea you communicated is really neat! I enjoyed it!!
    ~Princess Gloria

  2. Great Job Princess Catherine, I agree with Princess Gloria you did a wonderful job writing this post!!!