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Monday, May 17, 2010

Results are In!

Dear Readers,

After the recent poll and blog survey we did a few weeks ago, I would like to show you the results.

On the poll there were

2 votes for more stories
Also, a reader asked for more Treaty Contest. I hope you won't be disappointed! Now that school is winding down, I'm hoping to have more time to write it! :)

There were two votes for more posts about Courting on the poll.

There was one vote for more posts about Hope Chests.
Izori commented that she would be willing to write more on Hope Chests. I personally can't wait!

There was one vote for more posts about crushes and the same number of votes for posts about dating.

Besides the votes on the polls, we had two readers ask for more posts about modesty. Also, another reader asked for more posts about purity, and some cartoons. We hope you will like the ones we come up with. Also, if you have any suggestions, please ask.

And last but not least, a reader asked for some good Christian movie reviews along with some book reviews. I'll talk to my team about it, and hopefully we'll get some up.
In the meantime, check out This is a Christian movie review that is something I've found quite useful and a good judge of movies. They update it with the latest movies (such as Iron Man 2) but have reviews from a couple years back (such as the first Narnia movie). Take a look! :)

Thank you all who participated in the blog survey and voted on the poll! If you didn't get a chance, or didn't know about the blog survey, you can still tell us your advice for future posts. Again, my team and I thank you all!


Princess Catherine ~*~


  1. I didn't get to vote, partly because I looked at the poll and then had to get off the computer and promptly forgot that I was going to vote!!

    When you mentioned that two readers wanted more modesty posts, I thought of something to suggest, that is, if you don't mind me suggesting it. My suggestion is: how about writing a post about modesty from a guy's perspective? I thought of that partly because almost everything I hear about modesty is either adults' opinions or my girlfriends'.

    Hope chest posts would be lovely, Izori. Here in Australia (I'm 100% bread & born Aussie)we call them 'glory boxes'.

    I agree with you Catherine about how hard it is to find time to post during school time! My own poor blog has suffered because at the moment its down the bottom on the priority list!

    God bless you, sisters in Christ! I love reading White Rose Valley!

    HannahLouise x x

  2. HannahLouise,

    I think that calling hope chests 'glory boxes' is really neat! I'd never heard that term before until you wrote it in your comment. Cool!


    ~Princess Gloria

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have a box to put the few things that I have (mostly sewing supplies and cookbooks) but I don't care what box I will have in the future.

    I've recently posted about my Glory Box on my invitation only blog. If you girls would like, I could send you an invitation.