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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Storyseekers Chapter One: Melodica's Plan

"I just don't know what we are going to do." King Eren paced back and forth in front of his throne, looking nervously at the floor as he spoke. "The Wall of Fire has collapsed, but only Shaddi can rebuild it."
The king's daughter, Princess Melodica, had listened silently thus far. Finally she spoke. "Why don't we just ask Him to rebuild it, then?"
King Eren looked up and shook his head. "It isn't that easy anymore. When our ancestors first came to this land of Estrellica, they promised Shaddi that they would worship Him above all other gods. However, it was not long before the King Ahar came to the throne. He chose to forget the goodness of Shaddi and turn to other gods. Every king after him walked the same path. Time and time again, Shaddi sent prophets to warn the Estrellicans that if they did not return to Shaddi, the Wall of Fire which protects our land would collapse. But the Estrellicans didn't listen. We continued to do things our own way. We will pay for that now, because the Wall of Fire
has collapsed, just as Shaddi said. The Dark Army could invade any day now."
we have chosen to follow Shaddi, even though our ancestors didn't." Princess Melodica objected. "Surely Shaddi will have mercy on us now."
"But we don't remember any of His laws or how to follow Him. Once, long ago, the Story of Shaddi was followed by all Estrellicans, but it has now been lost. No one knows where that holy book is now." the king replied. Melodica didn't seem worried.
"The Storyseekers can find it." She said. "You know, there is a prophecy that says the lost Story of Shaddi will be found by the Storyseekers."
King Eren sighed. "Yes yes, I know. The four Storyseekers where appointed at birth to find the Story of Shaddi. But that was years ago. I don't have time to search the country for all four of them now."
Princess Melodica smiled. "Leave that to me."

Melodica moved the dark hood of her cloak to a position where it covered almost all of her wavy golden-brown hair. If possible, she didn't want to be recognized. She slowly cracked open the heavy wooden door, hoping it wouldn't squeak. Slipping out of the castle into the drizzling rain, she took a deep breath of cool night air. Darkness covered the small country of Estrellica, but she knew that, somewhere out there, the Storyseekers existed. And she would find them.

Pronunciation Guide:
Eren (air-en)
Melodica (mel-ah-dee-cah)
Shaddi (Shah-die)
Estrellica (es-trel-ika)
Ahar (a-har)

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