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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Storyseekers Chapter Two: Jayrin's Calling

Clang! Clang! Clang!
The sharp sound of metal hitting metal echoed down the streets of Estrellica's capital city, Stellin.
Jayrin Smith clamped her hands over her ears as hard as she could, sending the plate she was holding crashing to the table. It shattered into a million little bits.
"Jayrin!" her mother cried in shock, hurrying to clean up the broken glass. "By the end of next week, we won't have any plates left!"
"Forgive me, Mother." Jayrin replied, her face flushing in embarrassment. "It's just so loud!"
Her mother just shook her head. "Your father has been a blacksmith since before you were born. Haven't you gotten used to the noise by now?"
Jayrin turned toward the window, not answering. Finally she turned back. "Mother," she asked, "may I go outside now?"
Her mother eyed the remaining broken glass with a sigh. "Well," she replied finally. "You aren't much more than trouble in here. Alright, go on."
A smile spread across Jayrin's face. "Thank you, Mother!" As she slammed the door behind her, her mother only smiled.

Despite the noise, Jayrin raced into the blacksmith shop, skidding to a stop in front of her father.
"Do you have my sword, Father?" she asked hopefully. Her father smiled.
"Here it is." he replied, sliding a small, ordinary-looking knife across the table in front of him. Jayrin instantly picked it up. Slashing it in a perfect arc through the air, Jayrin transformed the small weapon into a glittering sword.
"Be careful, Jayrin." Her father cautioned. "That sword is special. If it falls into the wrong hands, disastrous things could happen."
Jayrin was confused. She knew the weapon had special qualities, and she knew her parents had been entrusted with it when she was born.Still, she didn't see what could be so disastrous about losing it. Though she wondered, she never asked because, at that moment, someone else walked into the shop. Jayrin and her father both turned it surprise. A young woman walked toward them, she was tall and had a confident air.
"May I help you?" Jayrin's father asked, moving out from behind the table.
"I have come for Jayrin." The young woman answered, looking straight at Jayrin as she spoke.
"Me?"Jayrin's voice sounded smaller than she meant it to.
The young woman threw back the hood of her cloak, revealing her kind face and brown hair. Jayrin felt that she had seen her before, but she couldn't figure out where.
"I am Princess Melodica." The brown-haired girl said, "And I come in search of the Storyseekers. Prepare yourself, Jayrin, for you have been called."
Jayrin's father looked shocked. "Now? Already? But she's only fifteen. Surely Shaddi has given us custody of her for longer than this."
Princess Melodica shook her head. "It is not for you or I to decide when or how things happen. It is all in Shaddi's plan, and the best we can do is obey Him, for He knows all things."

On the border of Estrellica, where the Wall of Fire used to stand, thousands upon thousands of black tents can be seen stretching across the barren plain. This is the camp of Dark Army of Lucien, mortal enemy of Shaddi and all Estrellicans. The sounds of men readying their armor and weapons fills the night air, mingling with the smell of roasting food and the glow of cooking fires. Lucien, commander and king of this entire army, sits alone in his tent. He appears to be intently studying the large map spread out before him, tracing his finger along the many different roads which could take him to Stellin. A messenger ducks under the tent flap just then, shuddering when Lucien turns toward him with cold, black eyes. Lucien truly enjoys the fear his subjects have for him.
Soon, he thinks to himself, All of Estrellica will cower before me. I will no longer be an exile in a barren desert.
"S-s-s-sire" the messenger stutters. "G-G-G-General Sebell wishes a word with you."
Lucien simply sighs and waves a hand. "Well, go on then, show her in." The messenger quickly hurries out, pushing open the tent flap for Lucien's second-in-command.
"General Sebell!" Lucien says, motioning toward the chair across from him. "Please, sit down." General Sebell nods politely and sits, though her grey eyes betray her true emotions. Lucien notices. "What's wrong?" he asks in a more serious tone, watching Sebell closely. Pushing aside her loose black hair, Sebell pauses before answering.
"I am afraid I have bad news, Sire." she says, watching Lucien's eyes narrow. "King Eren's daughter, Princess Melodica, has gone looking for the Storyseekers. It has been reported that she has found one already."
Lucien looks as though he could spit fire. "What?!?! You can't be serious. We positioned invisible guards around the homes of the four Storyseekers as soon as they were born. How could they let this happen?" his voice quiets some. "Which one has she found?"
"The young girl from Stellin, Sire, I believe her name is Jayrin."
"Yes, it is." Lucien replies thoughtfully. "It will not be long until the Princess finds the other three. Once all four are together, we can pick them off one by one. Without the Storyseekers, Estrellica is at my mercy. And I have no mercy." he rubs his hands together in glee. "Call off the guards, General, I want Melodica to find all four. Then we will put our plan into action. Soon all Estrellica will be mine!" General Sebell smiles.
"Exactly, Sire."

Pronunciation guide:
Stellin: (ste-lyn)
Jayrin: (Jay-rhin)
Lucien: (Lucy-in)
Sebell: (Say-bell)

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