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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Your Mom's Job

Moms have a really hard job--especially mine. With kids ranging from ages 13 to 2, my mother has a lot on her plate! Changing diapers, homeschooling us all, cooking our meals, cleaning...and did you know that she has to do them even when she's tired? It's a continuous cycle.

She may not feel like making dinner, but the whole family depends on her. If your mom suddenly decided that she wasn't going to cook the meals for a week, what would you do? Run around in a panic wondering if you'll starve?

Yeah, so would I.

Oftentimes, I feel pretty guilty. I might come home one summer from playing outside all day and find my mom slaving a way in a hot kitchen to prepare a meal. Do I even thank her for all of the hard work? She's been doing it all of my life, and now I've just come to realize how hard it is.

In my opinion, I think that Mother's Day should happen more than once a year.

But alas, it doesn't.

Seeing that it only happens once a year, I'm going to make it a very special occasion for my mother. Here are ten ways to bless your mom for Mother's Day! They range from super-easy to challenging in no specific order.

#1. Wash the meal-dishes. A very good thing, and fairly easy. Your mom will greatly appreciate it, seeing as it gives her a time to relax after the meal.

#2. Offer to make a meal. Bonus: make it a healthy, good-tasting meal! Dinner is a great meal, seeing as there are so many options. Maybe you could do shrimp, pasta, with Alfredo sauce, and a simple salad. Or homemade macaroni and cheese with green beans. Or you could enlist your dad to grill salmon and vegetable kabobs while you make mango margaritas and fruit cocktail! This could be moderate or hard, depending on what you embark to make.

#3. Make her a sweet card. Put a poem in it! Draw a picture! Get the message across that you're truly thankful for you mother! This is, like, the easiest thing to do.

#4. Buy her flowers. Traditional and sweet, it's very easy. The only bad thing is that flowers don't last for long. And artificial flowers aren't really the same.

#5. Clean the house. Depending on the state of your house, this could be very easy or very hard (lol, in my house this would be the hardest thing to do! :). Even just a general picking-up can make your house look bigger and cleaner. This makes moms very happy.

#6. Make a dessert. It goes hand in hand with making a meal, and it can be pretty easy. Just a cake, or rice-crispies, even yogurt with berries!

#7. Watch your siblings, or even *gasp* change a diaper! Yeah. Diapers=not so cool. But it really helps! Your mom probably hates changing diapers as much as you do! Of course, this doesn't really count if you don't have siblings watching/diaper age.

#8. Do a few extra chores. This is kind of re-stating a lot of the previous ones, but it's still worth mentioning. Once again, easy to hard.

#9. Put on a skit for her entertainment. Enlist your siblings or even your dad for this one! Make a script, gather props, dress up in wacky clothes, and break a leg! Or, you could get your friends into it and invite their mothers over, too!

#10. Give her a big hug and a thank you. Original, easy, and probably the best.

All of these might surprise your mom, and make her very happy! And a bonus with it: doing these will train you for the day when you find yourself a mom.


Princess Izori

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