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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Letting Him Hold the Door...

...even though you can.

Most of us don't have trouble opening doors by ourselves. You probably have never had to ask someone to help you open the library door, or help you heave that post office deposit box open. We can carry our things to the car by ourselves (even if we do have to make numerous trips), or lift our luggage without assistance. We girls have muscles, but if we don't let guys help us open doors for us, or carry our things, they loose something vital about being a gentlemen: practice.

As sisters in Christ, we are to allow guys to practice being gentlemen on us. Yes, sometimes it can be frustrating letting him hold that door for you, or taking the luggage you were going to help your relative with, but it's necessary for guys not only to feel helpful, but get used to becoming a blessing without constantly being told what to do. One time I wasn't feeling well, and I needed help getting things for my cold (blankets, juice, and such). I could have gotten up and taken the things myself, or I could ask my brother to help me. Taking the latter option, I allowed him to be a servant, and he helped me. You may laugh, or be skeptical, but it really is important for us to step aside and allow someone else to help us.

In our culture, we are constantly being told that the less you need people to help you, the stronger you are. Independence from anyone or anything is smiled upon, while anyone who asks for a hand is scorned or thought weak. Sadly, this is not how God created humans to be. We are to be the Body of Christ (1 Cor. 12:12 and Eph. 4:12), and that means we are to work together, and rely upon one another. We are supposed to have each other's backs.

So even though you're capable of heaving that sliding glass door open, allow a brother in Christ to do it for you. Wouldn't you want your future husband to have the same practice? :)



  1. I agree! Very well written Princess Catherine!
    Keep up the wonderful posts!
    In Christ's name alone,

  2. Princess Catherine,

    Thank you for this post! You did an excellent job! It is cool to think that there may be a girl somewhere in the world who is allowing my future husband to practice being a gentleman with her. I would like to think that I would be able to be a person for some young gentlemen to be able to practice on. Good challenge!

    ~Princess Gloria

  3. Everyone wants to feel special, wanted, and useful. That's why one of the big questions is "What are we doing here?" (along with questions like "how did we get here?" and "is there really a God?") I think that guys want to be helpful, but they don't know how. If you ask "would you please hold the door for me?", I think you'd be surprised about the answer.

    Princess Emily