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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 5: Naomi's Hope

"If I could make just one perfect shot..."
Naomi aimed her arrow slightly to the left, trying to find the perfect position. Pulling back on her bowstring, she wondered why in the world she was talking to herself. Someone might hear and think she was crazy...if they didn't already.
barely one half second after she let the arrow go, Naomi heard her mother's voice calling her name. Startled, Naomi realized she should have kept better track of time. Hiding her bow and arrows under a mound of hay, she glanced quickly out the barn window. Judging by the position of the sun, supper was in less than an hour...and Naomi hadn't nearly finished her chores yet. Pushing her "target" (a.k.a.- unused hay bale) back in place, she pushed open the heavy barn door, the latch clicking behind her.

Naomi made it inside just in time, trying to remain unnoticed. Of course, she knew that was too much to hope for. Though she was the youngest, Naomi's eight siblings always knew when she was missing.
"You're always late, Naomi. Where were you this time?"
Closest to Naomi in age, Mariana seemed to find great joy in pointing out the mistakes of others, especially Naomi. Sighing, Naomi looked down at her plate, hoping her sister didn't expect her to answer. Of course, that was also too much to hope for.
"I said, where were you?"
Naomi's oldest sister, Elise, glared at Mariana across the table.
"Leave Naomi alone."

Naomi's favorite time of day was evening, when the sky couldn't seem to decide which color to turn. Walking toward the edge of her family's farm, Naomi came in sight of the one lone tree that marked the farthest corner of the property line. In one terrifying moment, Naomi realized she wasn't alone. Three people, somewhere around her age, were sitting under the tree. Drawing closer, Naomi realized she didn't recognize any of them. The three of them were deep in conversation, and didn't notice her for quite a while. Naomi watched them carefully. The person closest to her was a girl, about fifteen, with green eyes and a long brown braid. The blond-haired, blue-eyed boy next to her had a certain cheerful look to him, almost as if he always smiled. The clothes he wore were made of animal skins, though not animals Naomi was familiar with. The third person was also a boy, with jaggedly cut black hair and a somewhat bitter and angry look. His eyes were also green, though not nearly as bright as the girl's. Whenever he spoke, which wasn't often, he made the girl look angry. Stepping closer, Naomi was finally noticed by the other three when she spoke.
"Who are you?"
The black-haired boy looked up, frowning when he saw her. "I might ask the same of you." he replied shortly. The girl rolled her eyes. "Pay no attention to Dallian. He doesn't trust anyone."
The blond-haired boy smiled. "She's right, he doesn't." He smiled again, although Naomi was almost sure he never stopped smiling.
"What is your name?" She asked, finding him the easiest of the three to talk to.
"Please call me Cheydine. What's your name?"
"I'm Naomi."
Cheydine's eyes lit up. "I like that name." Turning, he introduced the other two. "This is Jayrin,'ve already met Dallian."
Jayrin giggled, quickly hiding it when Dallian glared at her. Naomi was intrigued by all three of them. For the first time, she realized how different they were from the people she was used to seeing.
"You aren't from here...are you?" she asked curiously. This time, Jayrin answered.
"Far from it. I was raised in Stellin," she motioned toward Cheydine "Cheydine is a forestdweller,"
"From the Spearhead Forest." Cheydine interrupted. In the silence that followed, both Cheydine and Jayrin turned to look at Dallian. Dallian just rolled his eyes, completely ignoring his companions. Jayrin sighed in exasperation.
"Dallian is from the Skhi Mountains." she said, looking as though she wished he were there instead of here.
"As if it concerns you." Dallian interjected, glaring at Naomi with eyes that resembled cold, hard, green ice. Naomi backed away a step.
Jayrin rolled her own eyes in Dallian's direction. "Pay him no mind." She said, speaking to Naomi though not looking at her.
Now Naomi had another question. "So, if you come from so far away, why are you here...on our farm?"
Jayrin suddenly looked excited. "You live here?!?!"
Naomi was confused. "Yes. Why?"
Jayrin's answer tumbled out so fast, Naomi could barely understand her. "Melodica said that we would find the fourth Storyseeker on this farm! You must be her! Now that we're all together, we can begin our mission! I knew we would find you! I knew it!"
Now Naomi was really confused. "Wait, wait, wait. Slow down. three are Storyseekers...and you think that I'm one too?"
Jayrin nodded. "Exactly."
Naomi was sure that Jayrin must be mistaken. "My mother used to tell us legends about the days when all Estrellicans followed Shaddi. HE even wrote them a book Story of Shaddi, I think. But, Mother said that the book was lost when Estrellica turned away from Shaddi. She said that when the time came, Shaddi would appoint the four Storyseekers to find the Story of Shaddi, and bring Estrellica back to HIM. Mother has been telling those stories for years. Even
if the age of the Storyseekers has come--and I'm not entirely sure it has--why in all the world would Shaddi pick me?"
Jayrin smiled gently. "I thought the same thing when Princess Melodica found me. I was sure that she must have made a mistake. It soon became clear, however, that she didn't. I even found out that my parents had always known the truth...but hadn't told me because the time had not yet come."
"I was surprised to find that my parents knew too." Cheydine added. "Shaddi placed me with them for a purpose. HE placed you with your parents too."
It was all too much for Naomi to take in. "So...if Princess Melodica told you all of this, where is she?"
Jayrin nodded toward Naomi's cottage. "Inside. She went to tell your mother that the time has come."
Naomi's mind whirled in a million directions as she spoke. "You're really serious about this, aren't you? But, are you sure I'm the one? I have four sisters and four brothers--all of whom are much more qualified for this position than I am."
"All the same, Shaddi picked you." Everyone whirled around in shock when Dallian spoke, though he didn't seem to notice. "If Shaddi were picking the best Estrellicans for this position...HE never would have picked me. Not in a million years."

"And you're sure that all of your children are here?" Melodica again searched the eyes of each of the eight teenagers in front of her. Elise, Thomas, Peter, Rachela, Ethan, Josiah, Reina, and Mariana. There had to be one missing! All the ancient Storyseeker legends pointed to the fourth Storyseeker living at this exact location. Still, Melodica was sure that none of the eight in front of her were who she was looking for. Melodica turned toward Mrs. Archer, hoping against hope that she might actually have nine children instead of eight. Before her mother could answer, however, Mariana interrupted.
"Mother," she said, her voice dripping with an artificial sweetness. "Shouldn't Naomi be here?"
Mrs. Archer only smiled at Mariana's words.
"Yes." she said, looking at Melodica. "Please, Your Highness, come with me."

Once safely out of the earshot of her other children, Naomi's mother revealed the truth to Princess Melodica.
"The girl of whom you speak was placed under the care of my husband and I fourteen years ago by Shaddi Himself. Her name is Naomi. I would have told you earlier, but it is a secret which I did not yet wish to reveal in the presence of my biological children."
Melodica understood. "Where is she?"
Mrs. Archer nodded toward the door. "Outside. Come, I will show you."

"Alright, Commander. If we are ever going to make any progress on this mission, you will have to cooperate." General Sebel's eyes flashed as she spoke. "And when I say cooperate, I do not mean that you take charge of this mission. I mean for you to realize that I am in charge!"
Commander Kylin shrank back. "Yes, General."
Sebel turned to address the small group of dark warriors who accompanied them. "King Lucien gave us one week to follow Princess Melodica and make sure she found the last two Storyseekers. Our time is running short, and I have had enough foolishness from the lot of you!"
"When will we be able to go back to camp?" one warrior complained. General Sebel fixed him with her sharp grey eyes, looking as though she could spit fire.
"We will return when you fools stop complaining and begin following orders!"

Pronunciation Guide:
Naomi: nay-o-me
Elise: el-ees
Rachela: ra-shell-uh
Reina: rain-a
Mariana: mari-ahnah


  1. I love this story! You make the children seem alive. They all have their own personality's, and traits. Although Dallian is the rudest I like him the best.

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  3. Sorry...I messed up the comment I wrote before this so I had to delete it. Anyway, thank you! I am so glad you like the story. The truth is, Dallian is my favorite of the four children too. Before I wrote the story, I changed the characters personalities a ton of times. Dallian is the only one who has stayed the same!
    Princess Melody***