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Friday, July 9, 2010

Attitude--Part 2

Click HERE for Part 1.

Attitude. We all have it. Sometimes, it can get pretty nasty. I think attitude is a combination of pride, selfishness, and ungratefulness. It comes from anything--we could be going through a spiritually rocky time, we could be tired from a late night, or we could simply have a headache like Ruth did in our story. When we have attitude, we are only thinking of one person: ourselves. We also blame it on other people.

It's amazing what we humans can disproportion to fit into our own theory. Did mom tell me to do the laundry while I tried to read an exciting book? She doesn't care about my relaxation at all! What a selfish person!

Or could it be possible that mom is concerned about getting the clothes clean so that the whole family will run smoother? Even though it's my fault that I'm not doing my job, I'm seeing it as mom is provoking me out of cruelty. Sounds twisted?

Guess what. This selfish, prideful attitude doesn't only effect you; it effects everyone around you.

God created the family for a high purpose--to serve Him. The family is one of the best weapons for combating Satan. But how can we carry out this plan if even one of us is grumbling on the couch, thinking selfish thoughts? Even with one piece missing, a machine can't work. One bolt gone--and everything falls apart.

Compare that to your attitude. If you are whiny, do other people tend to follow your example? What about if you're gracious and considerate? Does everything run better?

Remember, when you have a bad attitude, you're doing Satan a favor. In our story (click on the link at the very top of this post to view it) Ruth's retaliation to a whining sister eventually lead to a family meltdown.

Maybe the problem isn't with you. What if it's not you, but a sibling, who has the attitude issue. In that case, remember the 'log vs. speck' rule. Are you having a holier-than-thou attitude toward your sibling? Do you have a log in your eye, so to speak? You are in charge of your attitude. If you respond in gentleness to your sibling, they will follow your example eventually.

Remember, above all, our attitudes and responses to situations should show people that we belong to the Lord Jesus!

In Christ,

Princess Izori

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  1. Great post! I totally agree with it. You helped me see that i need to work on my own attitude!
    Princess Melody***