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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Storyseekers: Dallian

Melodica had always known the Skhi mountains were tall, but not nearly this tall. It looked as if it would take someone weeks just to make it to the top! She was glad she only had to go part way. This journey, though necessary, had turned out much more difficult than it initially appeared to be. First she had to find Jayrin, then she had to convince Jayrin's parents to let their daughter go, and now she had to search some obscure mountain village. Knowing Lucien could attack any time, she tried to climb faster. It appeared, however, that she was getting nowhere quickly.

Hours later, Melodica finally found herself standing at the edge of a tiny village.
Why in the world would one of the Storyseekers be placed here? she wondered, glancing around her. The village was...not quite what Melodica was used to seeing around Stellin. The houses were simple mud huts; surrounded by piles of sticks and branches. Drawing closer, Melodica realized that all the branches were barbed with dangerously large thorns. Shivering, she realized that the villagers must be trying to protect themselves from the Alunsian. If I lived around that monster, I would want to protect myself to. Melodica thought fearfully. Then, trying to push aside her anxious thoughts, she remembered the reason she was here. All she had to do was find one boy, and then she could leave.

Many children ran through the muddy streets; barefoot and dressed in rags. Watching them play, Melodica wondered how she would find the one person she was searching for. She knew his name, of course, but that didn't give her much to go on.
"Who are you?"
Startled, Melodica spun around. The boy standing behind her must have been at least fifteen years of age, though Melodica couldn't tell for sure. She wondered how long he had been there without her noticing.
"I said, 'who are you'." he repeated, irritation in his voice. Jolted back to reality, Melodica answered without thinking.
"I'm Princess Melodica." As soon as the words were out of her mouth, Melodica realized that she probably shouldn't have said that. The teenage boy backed away a step.

"Then what are you doing here?" the sound of his voice told Melodica he wanted her to leave, but she couldn't turn back now.
"I'm looking for someone." She answered quickly. "Please, could you tell me your name?"
"It's Dallian." he replied simply.
Melodica's heart jumped. He had to be the one she was looking for!
"Who are your parents?" Melodica was so excited to have found the second Storyseeker, she didn't even think about what his reply might be.
"I don't have any parents." He turned toward the other children playing in the street. "Most of us don't...but why do you care?"
"I said I was looking for someone. You are that person."
Dallian took a step back. "I'm who?"
Melodica tried to hide her elation and answer seriously.
"The second Storyseeker."

"What took you so long?" Jayrin had been left at the bottom of the mountain for quite a while, and her irritation spilled over with every word. Without waiting for an answer, she looked past Melodica to the boy behind her.
"Who is this?"
The boy's green eyes narrowed. "I have a name."
Sure he did, but what did Jayrin care? He was just some poor mountain villager. "Alright then, what is it?"
The boy pushed his black hair out of his eyes, annoyance clearly etched across his face. "I'm called Dallian."
Well, his name was alright, but Jayrin couldn't say the same for Dallian himself. She made no effort to introduce herself, but Dallian noticed immediately.
"It's only fair that you tell me your name. Even if it is some fancy city name."
Jayrin was shocked. "How did you know I was from the city?"
"You can always tell city people from everyone else. They're more arrogant."
Anger stabbed Jayrin's insides. "I'm not arrogant!"
Dallian looked just as angry. "Are to. So are you going to tell me your name or not?"
Though she didn't want to answer, Jayrin knew Melodica was watching her. Rolling her eyes, she tossed an answer in Dallian's direction. "Whatever. I'm Jayrin. I'm from Stellin."
"What are you doing here, then?" Dallian's question shot out like an arrow.
"I'm a Storyseeker."
Dallian sighed in frustration. "Perfect. Not only do I have to spend who-knows-how-long searching for some book, now I have to do it with you."
At that point, Melodica stepped in. "That is enough! You are both Storyseekers, and you both need to get along. Now we have to go. We still have two more Storyseekers left to find."

"She's found two of them, Sire." General Sebell felt as pleased as King Lucien seemed to be. "She only has two left to find."
Lucien nodded. "Perfect, perfect. Estrellica is on the verge of total domination! Are the troops prepared, General?"
"We are ready to attack any day, Your Highness."
"Excellent. We know have only to wait for that foolish princess to send those four children right into our trap."
General Sebell smirked. "She is doing just as we wish, Sire."
"Yes." Lucien waved a hand toward the tent entrance. "General, I want you to alert the army. Tell them to be on the lookout for the four Storyseekers. They should be unsupervised and easy prey. Set invisible guards along the roads to alert me of their intentions. You are dismissed."
Black cape swooshing against the floor, Sebell rose. "As you wish, Sire." Turning to leave, she suddenly stopped. "Sire, won't Eyris be watching the Storyseekers? What do we do if we run into her?"
Lucien appeared unconcerned. "We will deal with her easily."

Pronunciation guide:
Dallian: dall-ee-in
Skhi Mountains: Sky Mountains
Eyris: air-is
Alunsian: aloon-see-on


  1. Princess Melody,

    Congratulations! You have me hooked! What happens next?

    Keep going!

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  2. Melody,

    Ohh...I see a clash in the near future! ;)

    Princess Emily (PE)

  3. Princess Melody,

    Great story! Very interesting! Keep it up!

    ~Princess Gloria