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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

School Shopping Tips

As school is coming around the corner (sigh), there is one advantage to those who enjoy the mall; back to school shopping. And although it's fun to grab anything that comes into sight or that is your size, please keep some things in mind. Yes I know, no mindless shopping! :) I know it can be frustrating to find clothes that are your size that don't grip too tight or are just too revealing. It's hard to find clothes in your size anyway, right (especially jeans!)? Sometimes I joke that I'll have to go into the boy's section to find some shirts that fit right! But how much are you going to compromise fashion for modesty? Hopefully, with these tips, you won't have to push fashion aside, and yet keep modesty as your main goal.


I hear people criticizing V-necks, but I believe that they are over generalizing that style of shirts. There is a simple solution to low-cut tops; tank tops! Coming in a wide variety of colors (from red to blue and back again) at most stores, tank tops also have different styles. Lace, frills, sequences, or plain; the choice is yours! Not only are they a fashion statement in themselves (and becoming more popular), they also guard against anyone seeing more down the V than you want them to. Because of the strap adjusters on the tank tops, you can also alter them to have them closer to your neck, or lower down. Tank tops also cover anything you don't want showing when you bend down to pick something up, or when you raise your hands above your head. Also, for those low cut pants, tank tops are a bonus, for when you bend over people see the tank top and not your underwear.

Over all, tank tops are not only a fashion accessory that come in a wide variety, but they also can keep the modesty factor in your style as well. :)

With too tight shirts, I would recommend layering as well (or buy a size up). Wear a loose jacket over the tight shirt, or maybe a bigger shirt over that one. Also watch out for very thin materials, as they will sometimes be see through in strong lighting. Usually the dressing rooms have strong lighting, so you should be able to tell right away whether or not the material is too thin. Use your good judgment.


Although shorts are what most people fret about, some pant styles can also lean towards immodesty. Is it just me, or are pants starting to get a little lower? Also "tight" pants are in, but this has the same effect as too-tight shirts. We've already covered a solution for low-cut pants; tank tops. But what about too-tight pants? You would have to be really creative to layer pants, and even then it might not look right. So what are we to do?
The only solution I've found is buy a size up so it doesn't cling as much, and use a belt. Belts come in more styles, varieties, materials, and colors then tank tops, so if you do decide to go a size up, use belts as a useful accessory. :) Another way is to find a style of jeans that aren't clingy, though they may not always "feel" right (I know how pant shopping is!).


Keep an eye on what your shirts say, or convey. For example, the shirts that say things like "Spoiled Brat" and "Drama Queen". I don't think that going around wearing a shirt like that, and then claiming to be a follower of Christ mix well. Pictures on shirts can be that way as well. Remember that your shirt is like a built-in bulletin board; whatever you have on it, people automatically assume you agree with it (and that should be the case). Remember also that as a follower of Christ, the light of Christ should shine through, being a beacon on hope to the lost. Although it's not the best way to judge, people often judge on outward appearances. That's why I believe modesty is so important.

I hope that these tips will help you on your "quest" of modesty. I apologize if your head is spinning because of all the information or tips; it is a lot to remember when you've been out of school for a while! :)

It's hard to believe school is right around the corner...


  1. What great tips! I agree with you about layering your shirts; that's helpful!

    ~Princess Gloria

  2. Lol, I find it kinda funny that when you're doing back to school shopping, we're trading in our winter wardrobes for summer wear! I know what you mean, shorts are hard to find these days. .. I only found one set of shorts that fit and were modest, so I'm going to cut my jeans. And plain old comfy t-shirts are hard to find too.. I like the layering option, but here on our 38C summer days, loose stuff is nicest. And loose stuff looks best for my build. my only other option when I can't find stuff is to sew which I'm going to do as soon as the machine is serviced.(I am really good at sewing)

  3. Cool! I know, I've had the same problem trying to find clothes this year. I love layering my shirts...

    Princess Melody***