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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Storyseekers Part 6: Arguments

Grey clouds. Empty streets. Silence. To Jayrin, Stellin appeared so much different than when she had left it. There was only the possibility of one conclusion: Lucien's dark army was moving farther into Estrellica. Time was running out.
"Does it always look like this here?" Dallian asked, falling into step beside Jayrin. "Because if it does, then I was right. Cities are terrible places. Especially this one."
Jayrin could feel the anger rising within her. "Of course it doesn't always look like this. Cities are amazing places...under normal circumstances."
"Estrellica is full of places much better than Stellin. But, I guess you wouldn't understand that, since you're only a girl."
Jayrin had had about enough. "And what is wrong with me being a girl?"
"Oh, nothing." Dallian replied, as though he believed Jayrin wasn't smart enough to understand what he meant.
"You think you're better than me!"
"Actually," Dallian corrected in a sophisticated tone, "I believe myself to be superior to one such"
"Well," Jayrin replied sarcastically, "You're very good at pretending to be smart, maybe someday you really will be."
Dallian immediately dropped his innocent facade, replacing it with his usual cold glare. "All cities are terrible, and all city people are arrogant. Why don't you just accept the truth?"
"Because it isn't the truth!"
"Fine. Be that way."
"Would you two just stop it?" Naomi asked finally, weary of the constant fighting.
For once, Even Cheydine didn't look happy. "I agree with Naomi. You're giving me a headache."
"I'd stop if Dallian would quit starting arguments." Jayrin protested. Naomi wasn't convinced.
"It takes two of you to have an argument." she said. A mischievous gleam entered Dallian's eyes.
"Naomi's right, Jayrin. Maybe if you weren't so immature, you would stop arguing and just accept the fact that you're wrong and I am right."
Jayrin looked as if she could explode any second.
"You stupid little..."
"That is
enough!" Melodica interrupted, glaring at Jayrin and Dallian. "It would be best if you you two would at least try and get along!"
Without a word to anyone, Jayrin pushed Dallian aside and walked in front of him, anger showing in every step she took. Clenching his fists at his sides, Dallian looked as though he wanted to shove her into a mud puddle.

A loud screeching sound could be heard above Jayrin's head. She looked up in annoyance. "Would that bird please be quiet?" she asked sharply.
"It's not just a bird." Dallian shot back. "It's a falcon. Her name is Keiree, and she belongs to me."
Jayrin didn't believe it. "Sure she does."
"It's true! I can prove it." Looking up toward the sky, Dallian called the bird's name. It swooped down out of the sky, landing gracefully at Dallian's feet. "Told you." he said. Naomi, Jayrin, Cheydine, and Melodica crowded around him, looking curiously at the white-and-gray falcon.
"Oh!" Naomi gasped, eyes shining.
"She's beautiful." Cheydine agreed in an awed tone. Dallian smiled for the first time.
"Isn't she? I've raised her since before she could fly. I never found out what happened to her parents." He suddenly looked down, a shadow passing though his eyes. "Maybe they died. Like mine."
"Are you alright, Dallian?" Naomi asked gently. Dallian looked up, quickly blinking away the tears in his eyes, hoping no one could see the feelings he tried so hard to hide. "I'm fine."
Naomi looked concerned, but didn't say anything. After a long silence, Melodica pointed ahead of them.
"We aren't far from the castle now. Come on."

"And you're sure she has found all four?" Lucien's black eyes searched General Sebel's face.
"Yes Sire."
"Where are they now?" Feeling sure that total domination of Estrellica was close at hand, Lucien smiled.
"The princess is taking them to Stellin to be commissioned." Sebel replied, glad that she knew the answer. Lucien didn't exactly take kindly to people who couldn't answer his questions.
Lucien nodded with evil glee. "Then they are within our grasp. Estrellica will soon be mine!"
"Whatever you say, Sire." if Lucien had been paying more attention, he might have seen General Sebel roll her eyes or have heard the sarcastic tone in her voice. He didn't, and therefore he still believed that she was loyal to him and would help establish him as king of Estrellica.
He, of course, was wrong. General Sebel had other plans.

Pronunciation Guide:
Keiree: Keyr-ee

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