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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stand Up, Stand Out

Do you feel like you need to fit in or you will be thought of as (or called) "weird" or "strange"?

Do you feel like you are going "against the flow", or is fitting in the most important to you?

Are you afraid of sticking up for what you believe in?

Many of you will say "no" to most of the questions, but is it really true?
Would you decide to go and greet the new person at school (or Sunday school), even though your friends or acquaintances think that new person is weird or strange?
Would you rather fit in or decide not to go to that movie (even though you want to see it) because you know it just doesn't have any redeeming qualities and doesn't agree with what you believe?
Are you afraid to stand up for your faith, even if it is defending it against one of your friends?

Deep down, you more than likely will say "yes" to one of these questions. Good. You've realized it.
But now what?

When the title read "Standing Out" it didn't mean starting a new fashion of hair-dos.. I (Catherine) meant you should stand out in a way that will not fade when the next or hair-do (or anything else) comes along. I mean standing out like a bright light in darkness. I mean standing out as a white rose in a valley of thorns. I mean living a pure life in thought, in speech, and in choices.
So how can I do that?

Before I answer that question, let me talk (or should I say "type"?) about "Stand(ing) Up". That means defending what you believe in. Defending your family members from the hurtful words your peers are saying (peers just means "friends" or "companions").

But how can I defend my faith?
NOTE: I am a Christian, so these answers will be directed at my beliefs.

1. Study it!
The more you know about Christianity, the more you will be prepared when someone challenges you about it!
2. Talk to GOD!
Talk to The King of Kings and ask Him to help you in your situation. Ask Him to give you the right words and the courage to stand up to the person (or persons).
3. Memorize Scripture!
Remember in the post "How Do I Get A Pure Heart?" how I talked about the 3 reasons (there are more, I just named the main reasons) memorizing scripture is so important? Here is a forth reason, it helps you defend Bible Believing Religions!

So, here are just some ways to defend your faith! If you have any others, please leave a comment! :)

But how can I stand out from the rest of the crowd who think purity is un-attainable and/or unless?

1. Stand Up for What You Believe
Most people now a days fit in and crumble from the "ocean's waves" that take the form of peer pressure or back down when challenged about their beliefs. DON'T. This is different and you are sure to get people wondering why you are not backing down for what you believe. This will be a good witnessing tool AND, you may have people that believe the same things you do stand up beside you. They just needed a "push" to help them. You are the rallying point and many you are strong! But if they don't come to you at first or in public, that's OK. They know you are there and you won't crumble! :)

2. Live What You Believe
If is said I hated chocolate, but right after that (or the next day) I walk in to the kitchen and grab a Hersheys chocolate bar, would you believe that I didn't like chocolate? No! My words might have said one thing, but my actions implied another, right? If you have read Princess Izori's post about Actions Speak Louder than Words, you know what I am talking about (if you haven't read that post, I would suggest it! It's good! :) People won't think you are authentic, you're real and you really, believe what you are saying. If you say "Don't watch impure movies!" but then go and see one yourself, that's not setting an example.
Some people call themselves Christians, but their is no change in your life. Remember how I said that Jesus comes in and cleans your heart? Well, if those people that say they are Christians but don't have any change in their life, don't you think something is wrong?
Here is a great song that illustrates what I'm talking (typing) about:

Hope it helps you!

3. Have GOD Guide You Every Step of the Way

Before you say something, pray. Before you do something, pray. When you get scared, pray. When you are happy, pray. Pray, pray, pray, pray! This is a GREAT WAY for God to help you!!!! I know people get kinda scared or tensed up sometimes when they hear the word "pray" or "prayer", but all prayer means is talking to God. Don't be scared of the word!
When you build relationships with your friends, you have to talk to them, right? Same with Him.
To know Him more, you must talk to Him, and the way we do that is by praying!

So how can I pray?

This is a question frequently asked, but the answer is quite simple! Just talk to Him! It doesn't have to be out loud (He can hear your thoughts!), it doesn't have to be eloquent, it just has to be from your heart! You don't have to say things in a specific order, just talk to Him like you would talk to anyone else on earth (that you like ;). When I talk (pray) to Him, I am comforted, secure, loved, encouraged, filled with peace, and my problem(s) don't seem so big anymore.
I mean, God is bigger than any of my problems, your problems, and all the problems in the whole world put together!

Keep Blooming and Stand Up!

Princess Catherine

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