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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Question 4: What's Courting? And How is it Different From Dating?

Answers for "What's Courting"?

You Could Gently.........
1. Tell them that courting is this "To try to gain the love or affections of someone that you (they) to seek to marry".
2. Explain to them that courting is a way to get to know someone that you are considering to marry.

Or You Could.......
3. Ask them what they think it is

Answers for "How is it Different From Dating"

You Could Gently.........
"*" 1. Explain to them that courting is more family oriented, while dating is me oriented
"*" 2. Tell them that you court only if you are ready to get married and you are considering the person you're courting for a future spouse, while with dating, you just do it for fun (85% of the time).
3. Say that with courting, you have your family help you and stay with you though the dinners, movies, and talks while with dating it's always (or 90% of the time) you and your date alone.
4. Explain that your family approves of your choice, while in dating, it doesn't usually matter.
5. Explain that with dating, you break up often and for un-sound reasons, but with courting, you only break up for real reasons.

Or You Could.......
5. Ask them what they think

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  1. Does it really matter what you call it?

  2. Dear Siminy,

    Great question!

    I believe that it does matter what you call "courting" or "dating", because there is a difference. Wouldn't it be confusing if you said (or if someone said to you) "Oh yes, we can date, but I am going to do some things differently in this type of dating. For example...." Why not just call it courting? Because some people don't like that word because it's "boring"? Again, getting to know each other as a future spouse doesn't always have to be fun because marriage won't always be fun and smooth sailing.

    I hope this helps and if you have any other questions, please type them up! :)

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  3. Good answer!

    Do you know why we know use the word date? And who came up with it?

  4. I just call it dating my 'boyfriend' cause I'm embarrassed to sound old fashioned!! My friends at school made fun of this other girl cause she said she wasn't going to date, she was going to court. They called her all sorts of names that are not repeatable on this blog... I don't want that to happen to me!! Yes, I am in the 'popular' crowd as some people call it and I'm afraid that I might be rejected!! That has always been my fear... The fear of not being excepted.. but anyway, I know I'm kinda lieing by calling it dating and by calling him my boyfriend, but what am I suppossed to do??

  5. Dear Anonymous,

    Thank you for being so truthful! And that is a good place to start. Explain to your 'boyfriend' what your idea of dating is. I would suggest using your popularity and make a difference!

    Courting isn't old fashioned, it's just that dating is the new thing.

    Also, some old fashioned things aren't bad. For example, mail. Now that we have e-mail, why do we still have mail boxes? Because they are still useful. It's kinda like that with courting. :)

    I would go up to the other girl and talk to her. It will be an encouragement to both of you to talk to another person who believes in courting!

    Another thing is this; you afraid of being accepted. But would you want to be accepted by people who laugh and mock courting? I know it will be hard for you, but take it in little steps! :)

    Another another thing, PRAY! Ask God what you are supposed to do right now. Whether it is just explaining to your 'boyfriend' what your idea of dating is or going right out and saying that you don't date, you court. HE understands you more than you understand yourself! :)

    I'm praying for you!

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  6. Annonymous,

    Its a proven fact that at least 10% of people in the world will not be able to get along with you. Harsh aye?

    Do you know what your friends views on courting and dating are? I used to think that courting was driving around in a buggy!

    Someone once told me, 'you are what you call others.' Watching those around me, I see it is so true. I never call anyone anything that I'm not. Why? It never enters my head. I say people are sinners. Well, so am I! The only difference is that I have been saved and they haven't. So if you get called names, just remembered that while their words hurt, they are only coming from the hurt that is inside that person.

    I struggled with rejection for years. I still do. It's hard. We all want to be accepted. Loved. I kept trying to please others until my Mum said. 'If you can only please them by faking it, you are never going to truly please them. And you will be miserable the whole time you are doing it.'
    She was right, as usual. So I stopped doing it. I started being myself. At the start I was so nervous. I was worried my friends wouldn't like me any more. Worried that everyone would dislike me. Now, I have wonderful friendships. Because they know who I really am. I also get along with everyone else better too. I'm not fake, but real. And people seem to be able to sense it. One guy once said. 'You are different, aren't you?' I just nodded as he continued. 'It's good, I don't have to worry that you are only pretending.'

    Gracious! That was longer than I thought it would be!


  7. Siminy,

    Thanks for the great input!

    Thank you for sharing your (and your mother's) wisdom!

    Princess Catherine ~*~