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Friday, August 21, 2009

Question 6: How Will You Meet Someone? Aren't You Limited?

Answers for "How Will You Meet Someone?"

Again, these answers will vary with the person you are talking to. And if you have any other ideas, please comment and (with your permission, of course), we'll add it to this "journal" entry.

You Could Gently......
"*" 1. Explain to them that when it's time to meet your future husband, God will arrange it. All you have to do is wait!
2. Tell them that it's not the girls job to go find the boy, it's the boy's job to go find the girl.

3. Say that meeting someone is not a priority right now

Or You Could.........
4. Ask them how long they think dating has been around for (remember, dating has only been around for sixty years at the most)

Answers for the question "Aren't You Limited?"

You Could Gently........
"*" 1. Explain them that being limited is not bad, in fact, it makes it easier to choose a future spouse because you have put limitations on them.
2. Say that limitations aren't always bad.
3. Tell them "Yes.", but that they aren't as much limitations as they are rules for your safety

Or You Could........
4. Ask why they say that
5. Just say "Yes."

Being limited is considered bad in our society, but with this, it is a good thing. Imagine trying to find the right guy without knowing your requirements (they don't have to be written down to count, but I would recommend it!)!

Keep Blooming!

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