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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Question 7: What If Someone Asks You To Date Him?


This is a question I (Catherine) see girls struggle with answering, and I've even struggled myself. What if someone asks you the question "What if someone asks you to date him?"? What would you reply?

This question can have different answers because
1. This question can be asked by someone who is asking you to date him
2. This question can be asked by someone who wants to know what you'd say if someone asked you to date him

So, for the first part of the 7th question (the boy himself asking you to date him), here are some ways to reply.........

You Could Gently........
1. Tell him that you don't date, you court.

  • The way he replies to this helps you determine his character and up-bringing. What I mean is, if he says "What's courting?" you know he hasn't been brought up around courting. And if he says "I don't want to court." you know he's not for you.

2. Ask him why he wants to date you

  • This will help him examine his reasons for asking you. If they are simply "Because I like you", you can ask him why. Again, this helps him examine his reasons.

3. Tell him that he has to ask your dad (or other assigned family member) if he can court you

  • This will help "screen" boys. If they are to chicken to ask your dad, do they really care for you as they say they do?
  • It will also allow your dad to become acquainted with this boy and he can help you decide if he fits your List Of Requirements.

Or You Could.....

4. Simply say "no".

Now, the second "part" of the question (the part that someone is asking you what you would say if someone asks you to date him). All you have to do is give one of the answers for the first "part" of the question. Example: Tell them "I would say 'I don't date. I court'." or "I'd tell him to go ask my dad!"

I hope these reasons help you!

Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~


  1. But just because he doesn't know what courting is, that doesn't mean he doesn't know how to respect girls? Does it? Just because he has never heard of courting, doesn't mean he wont disapprove of it. He may not approve of dating.

  2. Dear Siminy,

    That is a great point! Just because he doesn't know what courting is doesn't mean he doesn't know how to respect girls! That is why you should explain to him what courting is, so he can see the alternative! He may not approve of dating, but if he doesn't know about another option, he will more than likely date, right?

    Thanks for asking all these GREAT questions! :) :)

    Princess Catherine ~*~