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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Question 1: Do You Have A Boyfriend?


Each of the following answers will more than likely differ with each person that asks. For example, you wouldn't tell a poor grandmother (or great grandmother) that it's none of her business and she should quit being nosey. While on the other hand, you wouldn't be inclined to tell some snotty jerk that you are to young to be considering a future husband.

That being said, I (Catherine) am just going to give you ideas on some ways to answer Question 1: Do You Have A Boyfriend?

Note: suggested answers are marked like this "*"

You Could Gently........
"*" 1. Explain that you have decided not to have a boyfriend and not to date
2. Say you are to young to be considering a future husband
3. Say you don't have a need for a boyfriend
4. Tell them you don't have the time for a boyfriend
5. Simply say "No."

*Or You Could..........

6. Tell them it's none of their business
7. Ask them "Why do you need to know?"
8. Say "No!"

*These would not be appropriate to say to the grandmother.

Another thing I just remembered. You could simply change the subject. For example, we were going to the local grocery store and a kindly casher (trying to make a conversation) asked if I had a boyfriend. To this, my grandmother said to the casher "I agree with you; the weather is very sunny today!". This knocked the casher off topic and I didn't have to answer the question.

I hope these answers help you and if you have any other ideas on what to say, please comment!

Thanks and Keep Blooming!

Princess Catherine ~*~


  1. Good post!
    I don't have a boyfriend - I'm committed to purity and courtship! :)

  2. That's great you made that commitment, Ëarwen!