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Friday, July 24, 2009

Actions Speak Louder than Words

In this culture, I (Izori) know from experience how hard it is to be a real princess when everyone else is not. I think everyone at one time has had an experience where they are looked on as being out of fashion and unpopular because they act differently from an impure culture.

Even when I was eight and nine years old, I have had people ask me, "Why do you wear a dress?" as if dresses were something to be looked down on. At those times, it's really hard to remember that being popular and cool in the world's eyes is not really important.

And there are some times when dresses, skirts, and modest clothing can be more practical than skimpy, tight-fitting clothing. How easy do you think it is to run in skintight jeans, or bend over in a cleavage showing shirt?

Being pure and dressing modestly effects others around you, like Princess Catherine has said in previous posts. If there is a pure minded young man standing on the sidewalk, and a girl in immodest clothing flounces by, the man's mind will be blemished. Acting pure will rub off on your friends when you are around them, and you will also get a very good reputation by acting responsible, mature, and honorable, not frivolous and loose.

All of this--acting and dressing modestly--witnesses amazingly. Actions definitely speak louder than words, and you would be surprised how much they speak. People tend to notice when you go against the norm of today.

My mom baked a whole bunch of bread one day, so much that we had to give some away. One of our neighbors, who baby-sits for several other moms, was talking to one of her clients when my brother and I walked up with a loaf of bread. Because our neighbor and the lady who she was talking to were deep in conversation, we waited until they noticed us, instead of shouting over them to get their attention.

After we handed our neighbor the bread, her client remarked, "My, you're such patient children! My kids would never wait for us to stop talking like that!"

My brother and I hadn't even realized we had done something spectacular! We had just been trained to wait like that, and we hadn't given it a thought that we did. I am still amazed that we made such an impression on our neighbors client.

Does anyone else have a case when their actions spoke louder than their words?

In Christ,

Princess Izori

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  1. One time me and my brother went to a babysitting job where we would babysit three kids from two different families.
    When we got there, the other mom (not the one who hired us) asked the woman who did hire us "Are these the babysitters you were talking about? I was expecting someone older by the way you talked about them."
    We had babysit for the woman that had hired us before and apparently our reputation went before us (thankfully it was/is a good one :) Another example on how actions can speak louder than words!