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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Answers to the Spiritual Questions Teenagers Ask

"Answers to the Spiritual Questions Teenagers Ask"

by Gwendolyn Michell Diaz


"Answers to the Spiritual Questions Teenagers Ask" is a great book written by Gwendolyn Michell Diaz. I would strongly recommend that you read it!

Here are some things about the author: (this information is found in the book)

Gwendolyn Michell Diaz is a mother of four sons. Her husband works in Search Ministries, a ministry that helps answer questions that "had bothered me (Gwendolyn) most of my growing-up life". (this quote can be found in the introduction of her book "Answers to the Spiritual Questions Teenagers Ask")

I really like this book! It addresses questions that we might have but are afraid to ask or have asked and the people we do ask don't have the answers.

In this book, Mrs. Diaz answers the questions: (these are found in the Contents)

1. Why Should I Read This Book?

2. Can you Prove to Me That There is a God?

3. If there is a God, Why Does He Allow So Much Suffering?

4. How Do We Know that The Bible is a Reliable Source?

5. Did the Miracles in the Bible Really Happen?

6. Isn't it Narrow-Minded to Say That Jesus is the Only Way to God?

7. What About Those Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?

8. Isn't Christianity Just a Psychological Crutch?

9. Is There Really a Hell? What about Heaven?

10. What Does it Mean to Believe?

11. Can I Be Sure I'm Going to Heaven?

She answers these with points that are easy to understand and reseniable. I would strongly recommend reading this book!

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Princess Catherine WhiteRose

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