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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Cakes to Pies

Do you know how in an earlier post I (Catherine) talked about cakes? Well, now I am going to talk about pies (hang with me).

In my county we are having a pie contest. The simple rules are as follows:

1. No store-bought pie crusts (they must be home-made)
2. The pie filling can be store bought

Simple, right? If you have ever made a pie before, you will know making a homemade pie crust in quite a chore (or, at least, it is for me, but I am an un-experienced cook)! The crust must be made and then frozen for 1 hour to 2 days! Then, you must wait for it to thaw enough to shape it and then you would put it in the pan. After sticking it in the pan, you pour in the pie filling and do the crust (I did the woven crust which is not very hard to do, enter in this address to learn how to make a pie crust topping
Any way, it takes a long time to make and when I see the finished product I feel proud of my accomplishment.

So what does this have to do with anything (other than informing you on how to make a lattice top for a pie ;)? Once again, it is like the cake. If you came into the kitchen and even touched the pie with your dirty fingers (let alone cut a piece of it! :O), I would probably yell at you because I am trying to defend my product that I've worked on for 3 hours or 2 days (depending on how long you had trouble making the crust flat but durable enough to lift it up and put it in the pan)!

Your heart is way more important than some cake or pie! It helps you live!
If I get upset because you are about to hurt my pie, which only helps in making me and my taste buds happy for a few minutes, shouldn't I protect my heart, the thing that helps me live, with ten times as much ferocity?


  1. You're right! Pie crusts are so hard to bake. I can never get it perfectly flaky. The last time I tried to bake a pie, the oven broke down right before I was about to bake my that sat out for a few days on the counter. Not very tasty, as you can imagine!

  2. Hmm, I haven't tried that recipe yet. I did get third place out of 12 pies though, so that was fun! :)

    Princess Catherine