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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Modesty: Part I

In a world that doesn't value purity and highly values impurity and immodesty, showing that you are pure and modest is very important. Like the way you dress.

Some modest people only wear dresses or skirts. Even though I enjoy wearing those and looking feminine, I find that for some activities that I do, pants are more modest. Modern day horse-riding, for example, is more for pants. Women rode sidesaddle and wore skirts, but it's a little hard finding side-saddle riding lessons around here.

And another thing to note about modesty: it isn't just wearing modest clothing, it's about how you act! Your clothing should reflect your pure addittude. If someone sees you wearing feminine, modest clothing and sees you acting in a pure, modest way, they will probably think, "Wow, I bet she's one of those Christians! Why isn't she wearing skintight, ripped up jeans or a skimpy top?" Wearing modest clothing is a way to shine your light in the world as a believer.

Also, wearing worldly clothes attracts the wrong kind of person. If a godly young man sees you in skintight clothing with a grumpy, 'cool' attitude, he certainly won't think you're a pure maiden waiting for her Prince Charming. However, a worldly man would say, "Hey, she looks just like the right girl for me! She probably doesn't even know what a Christian is!"

So remember to act with modesty and purity, and not like the world, while you're waiting for Prince Charming. Here are some Bible verses on modesty and purity:

Psalm 24

Psalm 51:10

Philippians 4:8 (as a matter of fact, this is a good verse to memorize!)

Titus 1:15-16

Titus 2:3-5 (another good one to memorize)

I Timothy 2:9-10

I Timothy 4:12 (a very good verse to memorize)

These are only a few verses on this subject. I encourage you to look up verses on modesty and purity in your own Bible, too!

In Christ,

Princess Izori


  1. Wait, so do all wordly men say "Hey, she looks just like the right girl for me! She probably doesn't even know what a Christian is!"? Because, I have some friends who are not Christians and I am trying to lead them to Christ. However that is not their attitude at all!! The guy I know wants a humble, patient, loving wife when he grows up!! He doesn't care about skimpy clothing or skin tight jeans!! So I just wanted to clarify that you don't actually mean ALL non-Christians would act like that. Also, does wearing fitted or destructed jeans make you a worldly person?? Because I don't want to be classified as a non-Christian, but I wear more fitted (not extremely tight) shirts and destructed jeans. My shirts are not low at all!! That saves me a lot of embarassment and uncomfortablity. I prefere high colared shirts! But still does wearing more fitted shirts and destructed jeans send out the message that I am definettly NOT a Christian even though I might have a sweet attitude?? I'm just really confused about what you mean by that in your article. However I really wanted to comment to tell you how much I loved it!! And thank you soo much for adding those verses!! Keep up with these kind of articles!! They are extremely helpful and I will definatlly share this info with my friends!!

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Sorry it took so long for us to answer! (I am VERY sorry!)

    Modesty is not exactly an outward thing as it is a inward thing. But it is always wise to wear more modest outfits. Now, this doesn't define if you are or aren't a Christian! Jesus says "I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except though me." He didn't say "Modesty is the way, the truth, and the life." He said HE, Jesus Christ was. Modesty doesn't let you go to heaven, and it doesn't forbid you to go to heaven.

    I am SO GLAD that you are trying to witness to your unbelieving friends!
    KEEP IT UP and GOD bless!

    Princess Catherine ~*~