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Sunday, July 12, 2009

What is a Pure Heart?

When I typed in the words "Pure of Heart", this post came up:

Here is the question:

"So yeah, what does it mean to have a pure heart? i.e. -- Like when someone says 'You must be pure of heart.'?"

Here is the "Best Answer" that was chosen by the voters.

"Its a very simple way of saying something very complicated. Pure of Heart refers to being honest, believing in people, accepting them for what they are. Being truthful in all things you do......get it?"

Notice that this is posted by "WitchTwo".

Witches, sorcery, voodoo dolls, weegie boards; they all go against the Bible and The King of Kings.

So, what is a Pure Heart?
What does that mean?

Before I can answer, I must point something out:

People (especially in this time of the world) seem to think that purity of heart is unattainable, therefore, why even strive to achieve it?
This is the excuse they have come up with so they won't have to worry about trying to achieve a pure heart. Why would they not want a pure heart? I mean, one of the definitions of pure is "clean". Who would not want a clean heart? Or, rather, who would want a dirty heart?

Now, to answer the question "What is a Pure Heart?"


A pure heart involves holiness. For a man or woman of The King of Kings (Jesus), a pure heart is focused on Him. It is a "clean heart" that was purified by Him, for His glory and His purpose! If the definition of a Pure Heart was, as WitchTwo stated, "accepting them for what they are" (them, referring to people) that could pose a problem. Why?
Because what about people that were/are evil? What happens if we just accepted Hitler as he was? What if we decided that no one has the right to hurt him because we must accept him for what he was just for the sake of being "pure of heart"? Then countless people would have died (and people did die) because of him.

Or think of it this way. What if your favorite hero or heroine decided not to fight the bad guy because "they needed to accept him/her the way he is/was" just for the sake of a pure heart? That would not go so well, I can assure you! The King of Kings believes in justice, He created justice.


Not at first.
"But I am a good person!" you might insist.

Then answer this question truthfully; have you ever sinned?
Have you ever broken the rules (even when no one is looking), hurt someone (even if it is with your words), stolen (even a small thing, like a cookie), lied (if you say "no", then you just did lie), or even thought a mean or un-encouraging thought (you didn't even say it out loud)? You have done at least one of these things. You probably have done them all at one point or another. Even the smallest amount of dirtiness is still not clean, or, in other words, pure.

What happens if gave you your favorite drink, but it had some dirt, mud, dust, or other dirty thing in it? Or what if I spit in it? Would you still drink it? It is very likely that you would not. You could get sick from that piece of dirt, or I could share my germs with you! It is the same way with a pure heart. Even a little bit of dirtiness is not good. But there is a way to get a pure heart. There is a way to clean up the dirtiness.


Remember at the question before this (Do I have a pure heart?), I said "Not at first"? I never said it was not attainable!

But how can you get a pure heart? How can you make it clean?

Remember what a pure heart is? It involves holiness, right?
Well, so what is holiness? Holiness means belonging to The King of Kings. Some call Him Jesus.


  1. Very good post! I was thinking about the same thing a day or two ago. It's funny how two people can think alike sometimes! :)

  2. Great minds think alike! ;)


  3. I am reading through this blog, sometimes nodding in agreement, sometimes shaking my head, sometimes staring at the text with a puzzled look on my face. I think this is a cool blog, whether or not I agree with everything on it. Though I think there are other ways to achieve a pure heart besides religion, I think that for each person there is a different path to purity and many choose the path of the Lord. Keep up the good work!