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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

This is Really Cool!

Today, I (Catherine)(~*~) discovered something that I think will make some of you smile with me because you know only the King of Kings could have done this, and others will be like "What is she talking about?" To those who are confused at this at first, please stick around (A.K.A. keep reading this post ;) and I'll explain it to you!

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

Guess where this is found (no peaking down at the bottom of the post ;)?
Can you guess? No? Since I know the suspense is killing you ;), I'll tell you where I found this cool quote (and no, it's not from a quote website). It's from Song of Solomon.

Song of Solomon? You mean that little read/little known about book in the Bible?
Yep. That's the one. The one about King Solomon, the wisest man that was and will ever be alive (notice I said man. This does not include Jesus, because He is/was also God) and his bride, whose name is not mentioned.
This is a book I usually skip reading, or I just skim though it. Most people don't worry about memorizing Song of Solomon, I mean, what is the use of quoting a love song that was written 2,000+ years ago? But God prompted me to read Song of Solomon, the little read/little know about book and guess what happened?

I was reading the Bible in Church and I opened to Song of Solomon, 2:1

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

This is a verse of the bride speaking to her husband (King Solomon). What does this verse have to do with anything? Well, for those observant ones, you've noticed this already, but for those who are still clueless (I was for a while too), look at it this way.....

"I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys."

See anything now? Yes! Rose, lily, and valley! Now for some of you, you might be wondering why the "lily" is in there. Lilies are white, correct? And does White Rose Valley ring a bell? ;)

See? Isn't that cool?! Now I know you might be thinking I'm nuts and being a little exaggerator about this, but I think it is really cool! I created this blog before I even knew about this verse, and look at this!

Note: Don't be surprised if you see Song of Solomon 2:1 somewhere else on the blog........

Princess Catherine WhiteRose ~*~


I did the ~*~ on the post's title because I didn't want to type "Princess Catherine" on the title. It's just for short. Sorry if there was confusion!

Princess Catherine ~*~

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