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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Glorified Underwear?

A post given to me (Princess Catherine ~*~) by Anonymous:

"When sitting on our wonderful, relaxing hammock, I looked up from the book I was reading because my dog was barking. Now, my dog is not the 'brightest crayon in the Crayola box", to use the phrase, or "the sharpest knife in the drawer', but this time she was barking at something that was really there.
A girl, walking along the road, was messing on her cell phone (more than likely texting) and for a second I thought she didn't have any paints on! Shocked, I looked again. Thankfully, she did have pants on (if you would call them pants). I have a different name for them. 'Glorified underwear'! Yep. Think about it. That's really all they are. In fact, some pants are even shorter than underwear! The reason I call them 'glorified' is not because they are religious or anything like that. They are just "fancy' underwear. Underwear made out of jeans, right? Or underwear with tiny pockets and glittery jewels on them.

What is our world coming to? Glorified underwear, tight pants, sleeveless dresses and shirts that I see people yanking up all the time.....what will be next?"

I (Princess Catherine ~*~) think that she has a point.

Modesty is not wearing long jean skirts, really loose and off colored tee-shirts that have strange sayings on them. No! That is not modesty at all! Modesty is just not wearing things that are too revealing and unnecessarily short. We really don't need to have short shorts, in fact, longer shorts are (in my opinion) better because they have bigger pockets that actually work (you can put things in them), and allow you to run in them comfortably. Low shirts are not desirable either because they are immodest and they are too revealing. Also, they give you more of a chance to get a sunburn (ow!). As someone asked me "Why do people want to be so revealing anyway?" If you have the answer, please leave a comment, because I still don't know.


Princess Catherine ~*~


Haha! I got to ask you a question now! ;)


  1. Now, this is just my opinion, but I think the attraction to wearing revealing, tight clothes is because it's rebellious. Think of it--our mothers probably didn't wear skin-tight jeans and 'glorified underwear', and most certainly not our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Our generation tries to be different, to 'stand out', and not to be what they're parents were because, you know, parents are so BORING! (Not).

  2. What will be next? Please, don't make me imagine!!!!! :-O

  3. Its for attention. I've been there. A few years ago, in school I was the girl wearing as you would call it 'glorified underwear' and low tight sleeve-less tops. (also known as tube tops) I wanted attention. Every girl in the High I went to dressed like that. When you did dress like that you got attention from guys. And sadly sometimes you then even got attention from male teachers. My school was def not the best school around. I don't dress quite like that anymore (though still not as modest as you would expect after having a very, very bad experience after class one day), but sadly most of my friends still do!! It m ight be rebellion in some cases, but my mom and most of my friends moms approved, if not encouraged us, to wear provocative clothing!! I hope this helps you, Catherine, to understand why so many teens feel pressured to wear that disgusting clothing.

  4. Cassandra,

    Thanks for the great comment! :)

    I am glad that you are willing to share your story so other girls won't make that same mistake!

    Thanks for learning from your experiences! :)

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  5. Thank you so much for all the encouraging posts! I am so happy to find a group of young ladies that want to honor the Lord! I have been blessed by your blog! This blog is such a blessing!
    have a lovely day!
    Sisters In Christ,

    Come and check out my blog!

    P.S. I follow your blog now. :)