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Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Teenage Daughter of God

"But can I please borrow her?" my little sister asked, leaning in my doorway. I looked back down at my Spanish homework, and then back up at my sister.
"Not this time." I replied quietly. My sister wanted to borrow my rag doll, MariAnn for a Thanksgiving play. The problem was, MariAnn was really too fragile to use. I had made her myself. As my sister left, I got to thinking. MariAnn was special because I made her. I had lots of other fancy collectible dolls that didn't mean nearly as much to me, though they were beautiful and much more expensive. To me, MariAnn was prettier than all of them, and meant so much more.
I realized that MariAnn is kind of like me. Sometimes it seems like God must not love me very much because I make so many mistakes. I'm not movie star beautiful, outrageously talented, angelically perfect (most of the time I'm not even good), but still, HE loves me. Why? That day as I stared blankly at my half-done Spanish homework, the answer came to me. On the sixth day of Creation, God realized this wonderful world He had made was missing a piece. HE could have stopped on the fifth day of Creation and left things as they were, it was amazing already. He could have stopped after making the plants, animals, oceans, sky, birds, fish, sun, moon, stars, darkness and light. God could have, but He didn't. He looked at this wonderfully, beautifully, perfectly made world, and realized it was missing something. HE made us, even though we soon ruined the perfect world HE made. God could have stopped after we betrayed HIM like that and let us go our own way, but HE didn't. HE came to earth as Jesus to save us. Just like I wouldn't leave MariAnn even if she (if she could) decided she didn't want to live with me anymore, even if she wanted to go her own ways and made a mess of it, I would still go find her. I would bring her home no matter what. God did the same for us. HE loves us because HE made us, not because we deserve to be loved. Something you have made always means more to you than something you didn't, because it came from your own hands. So we are to God. Always remember that you are a precious Princess of the King of Kings, and that King would come looking for you anywhere.

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  1. Princess Melody,

    What a wonderful illistration! :)

    Princess Catherine