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Friday, December 18, 2009

Question #6: How Long Should You Wait?

How long should you wait? A year? 20 years?

The answer is, either until he comes or until the world ends.

The only one who knows exactly how long you will wait is God. And since we don’t know, we wait until our waiting is rewarded and Prince Charming comes.

Look at this scenario I made up about a woman named Lisa:

Lisa has been waiting faithfully for Prince Charming, and she just turned thirty. All her other friends have gotten married almost a decade ago, and she’s starting to wonder “What’s happening? Did I do something wrong? I mean, I’m thirty and I still haven’t gotten married yet!”

As I said before, we don’t know when exactly your husband will finally come. For your best friend it could be at age nineteen. For you, it could be at age thirty. But don’t be worried! God is in control, and even though you might not be able to see it now, his plan is so much better than the ones we think up.

But just for debate, let’s look at what might happen if Lisa doesn’t wait any more.

After her thirtieth birthday, Lisa gives up. Anxious to end her singleness, she marries the next man she meets that looks like he might pass for a Christian. After all, he goes to church! He might have some other things that aren’t quite so good…but she can’t be picky!

Well, then it turns out that this guy wasn’t a Christian after all. Five years later, Lisa gets a divorce.

What happened to Lisa could have a great possibility of happening to you if you go your own way instead of waiting for God’s greater plan to finally un-roll.

Now, let’s look at what might happen if Lisa did wait.

It took a while, but finally Lisa meets a godly man who truly loves her. He too has been searching for years to find a wife, and after courting, they get married. Twenty years later, their marriage is still strong and God-honoring.

And that, fellow princesses, will hopefully be the happy ending to your story as well as to our fictional character, Lisa’s.

I seem to be getting a little into Princess Alicia's subject (Why wait? What are the benefits?), so I might as well move on from what will happen if you don’t wait!

Some people won’t get married. Even though God plans for many people to get married, there are some people who are called to single ministry. Think of Paul, an apostle who wrote a huge chunk of the New Testament! (He was helped by a married couple, Aquila and Pricilla, just for your information!)

But the majority of Christians are called to get married—and do great things, too. An example is Esther, who used her marriage to the king to save her people. Not to mention all the others, such as Adam and Eve, Boaz and Ruth, and Isaac and Rebekah.

Just to name a few.

Ladies, don't give your heart away to the first knight who comes questing for it just because you're afraid that you'll become an old maid if you don't grab at the first chance. It's always worth it to wait for the right guy.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

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