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- Princess Catherine ~*~

Monday, November 23, 2009

A Thanksgiving Traditon at My Home

Each year at my (Catherine's) home at Thanksgiving time, we all sit at different computers and write letters to one another, saying how thankful we are for them. We tell them how we enjoy their God given gifts, how we love them, and how we are so blessed in who they are and who they are becoming. This is a sample for what we do:

Dear Blog Readers,

I am so blessed at your encouraging comments, wonderful insight, great questions, and curiosity. I enjoy reading your own blogs, and see how other people care about purity. I know that my team and I are encouraged by your support! :)

Princess Catherine ~*~

And I really do mean everything that I wrote! Thanks for all of you! Followers, commenters, readers, and passers-by; thank you!

Purely HIS,

Princess Catherine ~*~

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  1. Readers,
    Princess Catherine is so right that we really do enjoy your comments! Thank you, Princess Catherine, for the post about your tradition; sounds like a neat idea!
    ~Princess Gloria