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Friday, November 6, 2009

Nick Names

Do you have a nickname?

I (Catherine) am not talking about those rude nicknames that people give you, but I mean a name that is special to you and the people (or person) that call you that nickname is (are) special to you as well.
Even if you don't have a nick name, please continue reading this post, for this is not talking about personal nick names, but of our Prince Charming.

Some people like thinking of their future husband, but for me I like to write letters to him and pray for him. But sometimes I don't like just praying
"Dear Jesus, I pray that my future husband- whose name I don't know- will continue to grow in Your word and in Your ways."
If you are like me, you would rather pray and "give" him a name, or, rather, a nickname.

Now, be aware that just like a nick name, this is not his real name, but rather a name you use to pray for him, write letters to him, and so on. It makes him more real, and then it makes it easier to wait for him.

Remember, when "picking" a nickname for your Prince Charming, keep in mind a couple of things;
1. When you pick a name (say, Bob for example) and you meet a boy named Bob, you might feel "weird" around him
2. When you pick a name and you meet a boy named Bob, you might start day dreaming
3. When you pick a common name, numbers 1 and 2 become more likely
4. If your friends know about the nickname, and they know you know a guy that has the same name as the nickname for your Prince Charming, you might be teased by them

So, there are pros and cons, but overall, I think the pros outweigh the cons. But, it's all up to you! :)

Princess Catherine ~*~