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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No One Like You

It's true. There is no other person in the world like you. No one else has your exact personality, shade of hair, color of eyes, and height all wrapped up in one the way you do. Everyone is different and unique.

I was recently reading a devotional by David Jeremiah that was talking about uniqueness and it mentioned how no snowflakes or fingerprints are alike. God specifically creates each one.

As I read, this phrase caught my attention:

"There has never been a person in history with the same combination of appearance, personality, natural talents, and spiritual gifts as you! And there never will be."

Reading this, I thought that since no one is, ever has been, or ever will be like us, only each one of us can make a particular difference to further God's kingdom. No one has done it yet, and no one will ever do it, because it waits especially for us.

Because we are all unique, we can't expect all our differences to be the same. Oh, yeah, I guess that's why they're called differences. Sometimes this is where the difficulties arise. We can easily see that girl who openly witnesses to others, or that person who can fly over the piano or play that guitar like nothing else, but when we don't have those accomplishments, it makes us feel inferior. In reality, those aren't things the Lord has determined for us to do. What would happen if no one cleaned the church bathrooms? Or if no one babysat the kids whose moms are in Bible study? What if everyone wanted to sing but there was no one working the tech to make the microphones and speakers work?

Every Christian's place and contribution to the the Kingdom is valuable. Though some are more visible than others, each one is special and important.

There is a difference somewhere that only you can make. What is it?

~Princess Gloria


  1. I struggle w/ that alot, so this helped alot. Do u think u could post the devotion by the David Jeremiah guy?

  2. Because we are all unique, we can't expect all our differences to be the same. Oh, yeah, I guess that's why they're called differences.

    Lol! So true!

    Glad you girls are writing again! I was starting to miss it!


  3. Wonderful job on this post Princess Gloria! Continue to glorify Him! :)

    Princess Catherine ~*~

  4. I love this post, Princess Gloria. Lots of times, I have a hard time accepting the fact that I don't have to be like everyone else. When I wish that I had the same gifts and opportunites as someone else, it helps to remember what you said. Thanks!

    In Christ,
    Princess Melody***

  5. Anonymous,

    I will try to post the devotional as soon as possible.

    ~Princess Gloria