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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Falling in Love, Part 3

I promised that in this post I'd share some ways that I've found to discover what has been described as the most amazing journey you can take. I've come up with four ways, and in this post I will share two with you. :) 1. Ask You want to take the first footsteps onto this path? Just ask God to show you the way to go. He's been waiting, and He is more than able, and willing, to help you. Pray for a desire to become closer to Him, and pray that you will let Him become your Prince Charming. He's waiting. Are you ready?

2. Read His Love Notes

He's written you a letter.

No, I'm being serious. In fact, He has written full books to you! What do you think the Bible is, if not a letter from God to man? It contains romantic stories in it though. Think of Ruth and Boaz (see story in the book of Ruth). And what about the whole book devoted to a bride and her groom, the Songs of Solomon?

But we need to be reminded. Humans are forgetful. Think about the Israelites in the Old Testament, and how they continuously asked God to save them, complained, and then fell back into sin. Or recall what your biology definitions were, word for word. What about that Scripture verse you memorized a year back, and haven't kept up with? I could go on and on, but you know what I mean. So we, as humans, need to be reminded of what is in His love letters to us. I've heard an acronym for the Bible that I really liked: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. He's showing us through His word how to grow closer to Him, and how to have a walk that is deeper than our previous one. As Christians we should continuously grow (see 1 Corinthians 3). Think of it as the straight and narrow road. You're safer than on the broad and crooked, but the farther you walk along the straight and narrow, the better and better it becomes. Yes, you many still have trials, but you can face them with a new strength knowing He is your strength (Philippians 4:13). So read His love letter to you. It will plunge you on a new and exciting ride that brings you closer to Him, and more in love with your Prince of Peace. :)

For Him!

Princess Catherine ~*~

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