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Monday, June 21, 2010

The Above Reproach Rule, Number 2

I know that in December (December 20th to be exact) I said that I would do the Above Reproach Rules, but do to a number of factors, I haven't been able to write this post until now. If you've forgotten about the first Above Reproach Rule, please click here to refresh your memory.

2. The Two Eye Ball Rule

The second rule of three is a rule that was explained to me by Eric and Leslie Ludy (not personally, but in one of their books). It's called the "Two Eyeball Rule". Below is an extract from their book "Meet Mr. Smith", and it talks about the second rule.

During Eric’s single years, he lived by something that he referred to as the “the two
eyeball principle.” (I should add here that the entire League has gone on record in agreeing with me that this phrase is about as unromantic and awkward sounding as a foghorn.)
The two eyeball principle was based on a something that God taught Eric in college,
when he realized how differently he would act around girls if his future wife could see his words and actions. He began to live as if his future wife was watching him interact with the opposite gender at all times – as if her “two eyeballs” were upon him. (Why couldn’t it just be her “two eyes” that were upon him? I have yet to receive a good explanation for this!)
Eric began to ask himself the question, “If my future wife could see me now, how would
she feel about what I am doing or saying? Would she feel honored? Would she feel protected?
Or would she feel hurt and jealous?” Those simple questions began to revolutionize Eric’s
interaction with girls. He decided that someday, at his wedding, he wanted all the girls who had known him during his single years to come up to his future wife and say, “Eric has always
honored and respected you – even before you were in his life.”

This rule is one we can all apply, and its rewards are immense! You see, if you are faced with a decision that you don't know what to do, think about this; would I do it if my future husband were here?
Now, I'm sorry I don't have a cute little phrase like WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) or FROG (Fully Rely On God), and I know that WIDIIMFHWH doesn't sound catchy enough. The closest I can get is "If he could see, would it embarrass me?", but that's beside the point. It doesn't matter how you remember it, the point is that you do remember it! How many of you would like guys to come up to your husband and say "(Your name) has always honored and respected you- even before you were a part of her life"? I know I would! And wouldn't you want to know that your future husband is doing the same for you? Again, I know I would!

I know it can be hard to apply this continually, but- with God's help- you can do it! Also, have accountability partners. They could be close girl friends, your sister, Mom, Dad, or even your brother. Before you laugh, consider this; your brother knows how you act normally towards boys (he is one!), so when you start doing something that is unnatural (like staring at a guy continually or sighing when he walks past), he knows. And the greatest thing is, he'll let you know (you can count on it)! Having people keep you accountable is important, and also keeps you on your guard (the less times brother says "Cut it out" the better, right? :)

When you apply these two Above Reproach Rules (Rule of Three and Two Eye Ball Rule), you not only are honoring your future spouse by your actions, but also honoring God and protecting yourself from unnecessary hurt and embarrassment.



  1. Princess Catherine,

    Very good post! I know I'd want people to say that I'd honored my husband, even if I hadn't met him yet! Great job!

    ~Princess Gloria

  2. Thank you for this post. I have found it thought provoking.