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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Consequences of Immodesty

Pick any store, and you'll probably find the inevitable. In at least one area, there will be magazines. Magazines with pictures you would be absolutely shocked to find where any toddler can catch a glimpse of them. Magazines that portray immodesty as exciting and daring.

Have you ever envied the models? Just even momentarily? After all, they look so carefree and glamorous, and they make loose jeans and skirts seem really plain and boring.

However, keep this in mind. Not only is it disobeying God, (and making a fool of yourself), but immodesty can be bad in other ways.

First of all, they're just plain impractical. If you have ever tried to run in one of those impossibly tight skirts, you will get my point. What if you have to reach up high for something? Or bend down to pick something up? What if you get drawn into a fast-paced game of street soccer or a game of tag?

Second, being immodest can be outright dangerous. I won't go into details because this post shouldn't require a 'mature content' warning, but unsavory characters often go after women who are dressed immodestly. Drawing unwanted eyes is enormously dangerous.

And how else is immodesty bad?

As Christians, we are called to 'be in the world, not of it'. We are supposed to stand out, not go with the flow and dress in the tube shirts and tiny shorts. If someone saw us dressed revealingly, would they know we were Christians? If they already were aware of our faith, what would they think? Probably something along the lines of, 'Well, Christians aren't different from anyone else. As far as I can see, there's nothing special.'

That's not what we want people to think. We want them to think, 'Wow! They're different! I wonder why?'

Remember that the next time you catch a glimpse of a celebrity in typical 'star' clothing. Immodesty isn't what it's cracked up to all.

In Christ,

Princess Izori

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