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Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Thought about Thankfulness

"Why isn't she talking to me?"
"Does she like me?"
"Do they like my new shirt?"
"What does everyone think of me?
All these thoughts and more rushed through Vienna's head as she walked down the hallway to her locker. This was her first day of 8th grade, and she knew she was expected to be a lot more mature now that she was in the school's oldest grade. When she noticed groups of girls giggling and laughing together in the hallway, Vienna felt lonely. She had a few friends, but she wished she had some REALLY good friends.
"I wonder if anyone would wa
nt to be my friend." She thought sadly.
These are things I used to find myself thinking most of the day. I would spend most of my time worrying about what other people thought of me, and wishing I was "popular". I had low self esteem, and almost no friends. Night after night I prayed, but it just seemed as though God was paying no attention. Suddenly, everything changed. I wasn't alone any more! I found myself surrounded by the kind of friends I had always wanted. My confidence soared, I had never been happier, and all seemed right with the world. After about two years of this, I felt God speaking to my heart. I realized that HE was reminding me to be thankful. I had prayed, and HE had answered. I had asked for friends, and HE gave them to me. HE reminded me that I needed to be thankful every day for all that HE has given me. Thank God today and every day for the friends and everything else HE has given you. Don't do what I did and take what HE has given you for granted. Thank HIM every day!
Now, near the end of her 8th grade year, Vienna was feeling much better. She had made more new friends than she could ever count, and she was looking forward to a great summer.
"Thank you God!" She prayed silently as she walked to class, "Thank you so much!"
Never forget how much God has blessed all of us!
Blessings in Christ,
~*~Princess Melody

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  1. You're right; we do need to be thankful of the things God has given us. Isn't it cool how He answers prayers?

    ~Princess Gloria